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Sean Spicer Just Admitted THIS About Where Trump Will Donate His Salary!


Press Secretary Sean Spicer and President Donald Trump are known for their contentious relationship with the press. There aren’t many times that Spicer tells the mainstream media something they actually want to hear. But what he just said at a press core briefing might have them liking him a bit more. He reiterated that the President plans on donating his presidential salary. And he even said the President wants the help of the press core in deciding where to donate it to.


The issue of donating his salary has hit the media again after NBC News reported there is no proof of his donation yet. The presidential salary totals approximately $400,000. Spicer said the following when asked about the issue,

“The president’s intention right now is to donate his salary at the end of the year, and he has kindly asked that you all help determine where that goes. The way that we can avoid scrutiny is to let the press corps determine where it should go.”

Everyone in the room laughed accordingly. One reporter quipped that he should consider donating it to a journalism scholarship or the White House Correspondents’ Association. In response, the Press Secretary said the following,

“In all seriousness. I think his view is he made a pledge to the American people, he wants to donate it to charity, and he’d love your help to determine where it should go. That would be a great way to do it.”

John Roberts took to social media to suggest he donate it to the Fisher House Foundation or the TAPS Organization. The Fisher House Foundation works to build homes near military and veterans affairs hospitals for extended families to stay when visiting their family members receiving care. While the TAPS Organization would help those grieving the death of a loved one who was in the military.

Allowing the press corps to choose where his salary is donated to, would certainly go a long way in fostering good relations between the press and the Oval Office. Considering their contentious relationship. It would also seek and aid in healing the divide between the two that has been felt so deeply by both sides.

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