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She Saw Man Standing On The Street With Sign, Changes His Life After What God Told Her…


It’s not often when you hear of someone going above and beyond to help someone who is struggling. This sort of altruistic behavior is rare, but when it is displayed, it can lead to a pay it forward movement. Sometimes it takes just one person to show society how to be a little more generous and caring.  Recently, a resident of Anchorage, Alaska, stopped what she was doing to help a struggling man.

Kenyada Waters was busy shopping when she spotted a man holding up a cardboard sign. The man looked like he genuinely needed a little help. His sign read, “Laid off 2 long anything helps.”

2017-03-09 13_24_23-She Sees Man Standing by Road with Sign. But then His Entire Life Changes, When

Waters felt moved to approach the man, “And God told me to give him my card and hire him to do some labor work for my business!” so she walked over and talked to him. The man in need was, Richard, he told Waters that he had been laid off and was struggling to get by. He confided in Waters that “he’s on the verge of being evicted from his apartment, and he was so embarrassed to be standing on the side of the road asking for money, but he had to do what he had to do, to get his cell phone turned back on, so he could get hired!”

Waters had the feeling that the best way for her to help Richard was to pay his cell phone bill. They went to the local AT&T store, where Waters paid for two months of service for Richard’s cell phone.

2017-03-09 13_25_40-She Sees Man Standing by Road with Sign. But then His Entire Life Changes, When

When Richard was able to turn on his phone back on, he discovered that he had a job waiting for him that would start in two weeks. Waters treated Richard to lunch in celebration. Waters enjoyed helping Richards, but asked him to promise her one thing. She asked that Richard pay it forward when he was able to, and Richard happily agreed.

Waters went a step further and posted about Richard’s struggles online, and her friends contacted her wondering how they could help the man. Waters also set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page for Richard. To see who else would reach out to a man who just needed a leg up to get back on his feet.

Waters kept thinking of new ways she could help Richard. She got on Facebook and asked if anyone had an old bike that they could donate to Richard. One of Waters’ friends took it a step further and bought Richard a brand new bike. The story gets even better. Water updated her posts online writing that happy news that Richard got himself a part-time job.

2017-03-09 13_26_40-She Sees Man Standing by Road with Sign. But then His Entire Life Changes, When

We all go through hard times in our life, we never know if we might be the person in need, or if just someone will reach out and help. It’s important to not judge a person, but offer some help. You might be surprised just how amazing you feel doing it.


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