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Sarah Palin JUST Denounced The GOP’s New Healthcare Bill! See Here


The new healthcare bill brought before the House of Representatives has gained varied responses. Some hate it and others love it. Those who hate it include both Democrats and Republicans but for varied reasons. Democrats hate it for rolling back Medicaid expansion while Republicans hate it for not being conservative enough, or Obamacare-lite as they say. Add Sarah Palin to the list of people who don’t like it.


During a Saturday radio interview Palin denounced the new plan and argued the new President would eventually intervene and help to fix it. She spoke with Breitbart News Radio and referred to the new bill as RINO-Care, instead of Obamacare 2.0 or Obamacare-life. RINO is slang for “Republican in name only.”

The former Vice Presidential nominee said,

Remember this is government-controlled health care, the system that requires enrollment in an unaffordable, unsustainable, unwanted, unconstitutional continuation of government-run medicine, and even in this new quasi-reformed proposal, there is still an aspect of socialism. I am tempted to say not another word from our fearless leaders about this new form of Obamacare … until we are definitively told that there is no provision whatsoever allowing Congress to exempt itself whatsoever with this law.”

She added,

The American Health Care Act of 2017, doesn’t impose an individual mandate forcing every American to buy health insurance or face a government penalty. But it does allow health insurance companies to charge a 30 percent surcharge to anyone who lapses in coverage, something Palin said might as well be a mandate.

This 30 percent additional fee will be collected by some in the private sector, which will mean politicians are allowed again to pick the winners and losers, and it makes you wonder who’s lobbying hardest for aspects of this new bill because obviously there are special interests involved. Otherwise, certain private sector segments of our economy wouldn’t be rewarded as they will be with this fee, instead of going to the IRS going to private companies.

It would be really helpful if every single one of these politicians would do like the NASCAR drivers do—and it’s been said before—but let them wear their sponsors plastered all over their three-piece suits when they show up so we know what side they’re on and who they’re actually doing their bidding for.”

Palin added that she supports Senator Rand Paul’s alternative healthcare bill that he has proposed before the house. As well, she supports the likes of Representative Dave Brat of Virginia and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas who have spoken out against the new bill. Their main criticism is that it maintains government run healthcare. Instead of one based on market solutions.

In reference to the President she said,

He will step in and fix it. I have great faith that President Trump is one who will fulfill campaign promises. I have great faith that President Trump is one who will fulfill campaign promises. I’m sure that President Trump is going to do the right thing and listen to all sides, of course, but understand, especially, that as a businessman, he’s going to understand whether this makes sense in his vision of how to grow businesses and how to get government off our back and back on our side.”

The number of Republican detractors to the new healthcare bill is growing by the moment.

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