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Rush Spots Hidden Bombshell in WikiLeaks, Makes Horrifying Realization On Air!


Hidden in the over 8,000 documents released by WikiLeaks about the CIA was one that fascinated talk show host Rush Limbaugh because it links to the connections concerning Obama spying on President Donald Trump’s campaign.

“Folks, we are in the midst of dangerous times like you cannot believe, and Donald J. Trump is the target,” he said.

Rush had noticed that the documents show how the CIA hacks a vast array of electronic devices and that the the CIA often MIMICS Russian hackers.

So basically, the CIA could have hacked the DNC and made it look like the Russians did it. They have priors and we now have proof of them doing just that!

“By the way, in the WikiLeaks dump today of thousands and thousands of documents from the CIA, do you know what is included? A little program called UMBRAGE. What this program is, apparently the CIA has the ability to mimic Russian hackers. In other words, the CIA has the ability to hack anybody they want and make it look like the Russians are doing it,” Rush said.

“Isn’t that interesting, given everything we’ve been told about the election? ‘The Russians hacked the election, that the Russians did this, the Russians did that.’ So far we don’t have any evidence the Russians did anything! But we have all kinds of supposition that the American deep state is deeply involved in whatever sabotage is being conducted on the Trump administration,” Rush said.

“The evidence the Russians were involved? Nobody’s got it. Everybody runs around and talks about it as though it’s a fait accompli, but there isn’t any evidence,” Rush noted.

” … (S)o I think because of everything that we’re learning here, the danger that Donald Trump has faced ever since he won the election is greater than we’ve ever known,” he said. “The establishment of this country — whatever you want to call it, the ruling class — is desperate. We’re living in times they never thought possible or didn’t consider likely, and that is somebody from outside their group being president, being vice president, being secretary of state, being secretary of commerce, being attorney general. This kind of thing, this is such an assault, and it’s got them in a state of panic.”

This whole issue makes President Trump’s “Obama wiretapped me” Tweet brilliant! He knew a lot more than he let out, he got the left into denial mode, and now they are beginning to have egg all over their faces.

Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas just let it be known that it looks like the Obama Justice Department played loose with FBI information and that within the Obama administration we will find who leaked the Flynn calls to the Russian Ambassador from Trump Tower.





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