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The Ratings For Trump’s Speech Are IN!


The President gave his first speech of his presidency before a joint session of Congress last night. Pundits, reporters, and politicians have been congratulating and adulating his performance. Many are hailing it as his most presidential yet. Outlets finally have the ratings numbers from the night.

The President’s speech had an overnight rating of 27.8 on the Nielsen scale. Something he is likely very accustomed to dealing with considering his long career on television. It means that approximately one quarter of America tuned in to watch the President speak.


However, these numbers do not include calculations from those who streamed it through an online outlet. It counts only those who watched via NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Of all the networks it was Fox News who had the highest ratings of them all.

The President will likely not be pleased with the results. His speech decreased 17 percent from President Obama’s 2009 speech before the joint session of Congress. President Obama had an initial overnight rating of about 33.4 percent.

The total number of viewers for Trump’s address is not yet available. The White House has not commented on the ratings but instead laser focused on how well received the speech was by the American people. Press Secretary Sean Spicer brought attention to a CNN poll that showed 57 percent of those who were watching the President’s speech had a positive reaction.

Considering how much CNN has denounced the President and worked hard in writing articles that are only against him it should certainly ring much truer. The speech was a step away from his flamboyant and over the top antics in the past. Outlets and reporters are calling him articulate, concise, and policy driven.

Since the speech went so well, the President and his administration are likely not at all concerned about the ratings. As they shouldn’t be.


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