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Rand Paul Is Ticked At Republicans And He Took To Twitter To Tell Everyone


Rand Paul is one of the few members of Congress who was a doctor prior to taking office. Which is the same thing his father was. Both are former presidential candidates. Paul has played a large role in developing the replacement for the Affordable Care Act. As a doctor, he has a critical viewpoint that plays an important role in the discussion. But it seems his colleagues in Congress are shutting him out and he is having none of that.

On Thursday Sen. Paul went on a Donald Trump style Twitter rant on social media where he chastised Congressional Republicans for hiding their plan for a health care replacement from him, as well as, the public. See some of his tweets here,

There are four guards in front of the room where the House Obamacare bill is being kept. Republicans have to come read it there.

Sen. Rand Paul demands a copy of the bill. This staffer says she can’t give him one.

View image on TwitterAccording to Buzzfeed’s Capitol Hill reporter, the GOP had set four guards where the bill was being kept. Paul is seen asking for a copy of the bill, which a staffer refused to give him.

From there, Sen. Paul then conducted a brief press conference.


The picture comes in light of recent reports that Paul stormed out of a health care meeting where Congressional Republicans were discussing keeping parts of the Affordable Care Act as well as maintaining Medicaid expansion. Paul also criticized the $10 trillion spending budget package created by the GOP. He has been an ardent proponent of a staunchly conservative health care policy.

The Congressman has also been ardently opposed to the creation of a new health care system that is simply a “lighter” version of the Affordable Care Act. Many are arguing this is what Republicans are leaning towards. Issues over pre existing conditions, Medicaid, and Social Security have slowed down talks.

This comes at a time when repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act is a top priority for the Republican Senate and Congress. The majority of elected Republicans ran their campaigns on the promise they would seek to repeal and replace it. It seems like they will have a harder time than expected following through on this promise.

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