Rand Paul Introduces NEW Healthcare Bill To Counter AHA!

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Senator Rand Paul has been an ardent detractor of the new healthcare bill introduced by the Republicam Party in the House of Representatives. Sen. Paul has been very vocal in arguing that House Republicans are simply recreating a watered down version of the Affordable Care Act. Now he has introduced a healthcare bill of his own in an attempt to pushback against his Senate and House colleagues.

Rand Paul

His bill is very similar to the one introduced in 2015 that was eventually shot down by House Democrats. Paul has advocated for a more conservative healthcare bill that was promised to American citizens by the majority of Republicans during the campaigns. He noted that while everyone agrees on the repeal it is the replacement that nobody can agree on.

The Senator said,

“[After repeal] we can have a separate vote on replacement legislation that will deliver lower costs, better care, and greater access to the American people.”

Paul’s new bill would repeal the Obama era taxes, as well as repeal the Medical Device Tax next year in 2018. It would also eventually repeal the Cadillac Tax in 2020 and crackdown on Medicaid expansion that goes through 2020.  Sen. Paul gained support from House Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a well known member of the conservative Freedom Cacus.

Both Jordan and Paul have told reporters the American Healthcare Act bill won’t pass through the House. While Senator Cotton of Arkansas has stated it won’t pass through the Senate either. While Speaker Ryan, Kellyanne Conway, and President Trump have all publically stated their belief it will.

Liberals have denounced the bill as murderous. No shocker there. While even ardent conservatives have argued against the bill saying that it isn’t the full repeal and replace that was promised by Republicans during the Obama administration. Either way, everyone is divided. Only time will tell what will ultimately happen.

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