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Preschool Reports Parents to DCFS Because Child Brought Empty Bullet Casing to School


A Place 2 Grow Preschool suspended a 4-year-old and reported the parents to the IL Department of Children and Family Services because he brought an empty bullet casing to school, and seemed to have a habit of pretending “guns”.

It must be mentioned that the casing came from an outing with his grandfather, who is a police officer, who had been teaching the boy gun safety.

Mad yet? Plenty are and the mother’s Facebook post has gone viral and the news world is beginning to take notice. The owner of the Troy, IL preschool, Roy Jarman, says there is more to the issue and that he was “not suspended over a spent shell casing.” The preschool claims privacy keeps them from details, but I believe we can read between the lines.

Well, we do not have to read far. In the suspension letter they state that guns are a taboo topic at school. The boy’s mom stated on FB: “The things my son got in “trouble” for have been talking about his hunting trips with Grandpa, make believe play like cops and robbers, and picking up sticks on the playground along with other boys, and pretending to shoot these sticks.”

PreSchool Reports Parents to DCFS Because Child Brought Empty Bullet Casing to School

He has played pretend about guns on other occasions and been told not to. Well guess what? It was WRONG for you to tell him not to!!!!!! Get that Mr. Jarman? I will repeat in case you did not get it: He has played pretend about guns on other occasions and been told not to. Well guess what? It was WRONG for you to tell him not to!!!!!! It was stupid, asinine, and idiotic for you to tell him not to!!!!!! Get it yet?

(Besides the fact that the teacher does not know the difference between a shotgun shell and a bullet casing, this story will make you furious!)

And the fact that it went to DCFS is asinine! I do not care how many times he was told to “not pretend” at the preschool. Involving the state into this family is… well, I cannot find the words. GRRRR!

Fox2 reports:

The school’s vice-president e-mailed her that he was notifying the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS).  He confirmed that to Fox 2 but said since A Place 2 Grow was licensed by DCFS, DCFS needed to be notified.

THAT is the important part.

Now to the story. Here is the mothers FB post, I will let her tell it:

“He’s cried about it and he doesn’t understand why his preschool hates him,” Jackson said of her son.

A Place 2 Grow’s owner, founder, and vice-president, Roy Jarmon went on Fox 2 and tried to explain away the school’s troubles since the issue went viral. Like I said, he gave the old tired line that there is more to the story, but he cannot tell you because of privacy. Yeah… I have heard that nonsense a PLETHORA of times, Mr. Jarman. I have been writing about school insanities for a while now.

Jarman said. “I’m a conceal – carry person myself. My children shoot guns. My wife can shoot a gun. Nobody here is afraid of guns.”

Well then, that is nice. Then you should see the IDIOCY of having a rule that says children cannot pretend! You should see the idiocy of calling the state on a family because a 4-year-old “habitually pretends” If it is an issue of other “snowflake” parents not wanting their children to be around a boy that “pretends” then you should have the guts to stand up and defend “pretending”. Be a man!

Jarman says he had to shut down the Facebook page for the preschool. Well I hate to tell him, that page is the least of his troubles. 10 years from now, when interested customers Google “A Place 2 Grow” in Troy, IL, MULTIPLE stories about this stupidity will still be coming up! Instead of making excuses for such abhorrent behavior by the preschool toward this child and his family, Roy Jarman needs to be doing the right thing and making a public apology for this nonsense!


Remember when? Roy Jarman, you should know better. I do not buy your excuses, at ALL!!!!


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