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Planned Parenthood CEO Admits the Abortion Industry Is in Big Trouble!


In a recent interview, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards spoke about the desperate outlook for her baby killing organization.

“The stakes have become quite clear recently and they’re very high,” Richards said.

A leaked draft of a new bill shows that Congress is getting ready to de-fund Planned Parenthood. They are at an all-time low after revelations last year that they were selling dead baby parts. Many states, such as Texas, are holding Planned Parenthood clinics to a higher medical standard and it has been effective at closing the clinics.

In a recent interview, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards spoke about the desperate outlook for her baby killing organization.

Support for abortion has been in steady decline for two decades. Full color images of what a 20-week-old fetus really looks like has taken it’s toll. The claim that it is just a “bunch of cells” no longer flies!

If Congress takes away the $500 million dollars used to subsidize the baby murdering clinics, it is all over.

Buzzfeed explains:

Republicans have tried to de-fund Planned Parenthood for years. Now, with the GOP in control of both chambers of Congress and the executive branch, it’s extremely likely the nonprofit will be stripped of the more than $500 million it gets from the federal government for Medicaid reimbursements each year. So this provision in the bill was expected; what was setting in for those in the clinic is that the process had begun.

Richards and her team were in Speaker Paul Ryan’s district — Kenosha, Wisconsin — for a hastily planned “roundtable” with some of his constituents, who also happened to be Planned Parenthood patients and providers. The six women sat at a table facing an audience of nearly the same number, each taking their turn telling stories of their relationship with Planned Parenthood as Richards leaned forward in her chair nodding intently.

They are nervous! They should be! They have relied on the American taxpayers to remain open.

Watch this baby turn it’s head, swallow, and moving its legs! Fantastic!!!!

The UK parenting site ChannelMum is sharing the video. Cathy Ranson, who edits the site, says,

“There is nothing quite as emotional as seeing your unborn child moving inside you, and these MRI scans are taking images to the next level…They are truly breathtaking.”

Watch…just watch:



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