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Parole Board Allegedly Decides to Release O.J. Simpson This Fall!


O.J. Simpson may soon be a free man if reports about his upcoming parole hearing in June are to be believed.

The former NFL star and convicted felon has kept a solid record of good behavior while in prison, teaching classes and many other activities that help fellow inmates.

A parole board, which is scheduled to meet the week of July 3, is expected to recommend his release no earlier than a possible date of October 3. It would be nine years to the day after he was sentenced to 33 years.

Parole Board Allegedly Decides to Release O.J. Simpson This Fall!

Sports Illustrated has reported that Simpson has an excellent chance and would be eligible to collect millions of dollars in retirement benefits from the NFL.

At the hearing, Simpson will need to sway at least four out of seven commissioners on the parole board by scoring well on 11 different factors. Those criteria include gender, current age, age at time of arrest, gang membership, substance abuse, prior convictions, and disciplinary write-ups for bad behavior in prison. By SI‘s calculations, Simpson’s predicted score will qualify him for release by a safe margin.

Las Vegas attorney Daniel Hill told SI that Simpson is “the kind of person who gets paroled,” adding that he “has done a significant amount of time and, by all accounts, hasn’t caused any problems.” Indeed, Simpson was granted parole on those five counts back in 2013 due in part to his good behavior and positive contributions to the prison, including helping with chores, participating in education programming, and mentoring fellow inmate.

According to an ex-business partner who has visited him, “He’s convinced he’ll be coming out this fall and is counting down the days to his hearing like a kid waiting for Christmas.”

He will be free and wealthy. Under America’s Employee Retirement Income Security Act, the NFL pension cannot be touched by creditors, so the money he still owes the Brown and Goldman families from their civil suit will have to come from elsewhere.

The Goldman and Brown families say they have seen a “mere fraction” of their award from the civil case.

A source close to the Goldmans stated that “They have vowed to pursue him to the ends of the earth and will continue to do so after he walks out of prison.

If he is smart, he will just pay it. He is getting a third chance… don’t blow it!


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