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It Was OBAMA’S State Dept. Who Set Up Russian Ambassador’s Meeting With Sessions At RNC!


There seems to be a bombardment of “land mines” that were set by the Obama administration for President Trump and his administration. It’s like watching a “Revenge of the Nerds” movie play out, only in this case, it’s “Revenge of the Losers”, as Fox News Charles Krauthammer calls it.

There is no question that “land mines” have been set. Just look at Trump’s previous appointment of his National Security Advisor, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. That was nothing more than a “political assassination” orchestrated by the previous Obama administration. This happened back in December BEFORE Trump was even inaugurated. Are you honestly going to try and tell me Obama knew NOTHING about this? Come on MAN!

Now, surprise, we have another incident involving the Russian Ambassador and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But THIS time, we know for a FACT the Obama’s OWN administration arranged for the first meeting at the RNC in Cleveland. Talk about “Revenge of the Sore Losers”.  Democrats and Obama are REALLY still trying to hard sell the false narrative to voters, that Russians interferred with our election and THAT’S why Clinton lost. They would rather see President Trump fail, than have ‘Make America Great Again’ be successful.obama-sessions-sergey-009-01-800x416

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Amid the hypocritical Democrat calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign over his two meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States last year, a conservative columnist is setting the record straight with a report that should embarrass everyone on the left side of the aisle.

Far from being some “secret” affair on behalf of then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Sessions first meeting with the Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was organized by the Obama Administration.

Heritage Foundation scholar, attorney and respected legal pundit Hans von Spakovsky wrote at the Fox News website Thursday that the first meeting took place at a conference on “Global Partners in Democracy” at the Republican National Convention in July in Cleveland.

“The conference was an educational program for ambassadors invited by the Obama State Department to observe the convention. The Obama State Department handled all of the coordination with ambassadors and their staff, of which there were about 100 at the conference,” von Spakovsky wrote.

“Apparently, after Sessions finished speaking,” he continued, “a small group of ambassadors — including the Russian ambassador — approached the senator as he left the stage and thanked him for his remarks. That’s the first ‘meeting.’ And it’s hardly an occasion — much less a venue — in which a conspiracy to ‘interfere’ with the November election could be hatched.”

In other words, folks, Sessions’ “scandal” just isn’t. While Sessions’ second meeting with Kislyak was in Sessions’ Senate office in September, in his capacity as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, his first meeting with the Russian ambassador was a very public affair, and not even remotely related to compromising an election that was still three months in the future.

So THERE you have it! Another “land mine” set up by Obama and his administration for the Trump administration. It wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last. Democrats and Obama are going to do everything they can to tear down Trump’s administration before Trump destroys “Obama’s legacy”.

Wake up folks! This is “Revenge of the Sore Losers” and we all have front row seats. Obama’s drama and his “land mines” against Trump are just the beginning.  We’re only into the first few months of Trump’s presidency. Can you imagine what else is in store for President Trump? What else is going to be “uncovered” from the most destructive and abusive former president of America?




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