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The New York Times Declares it is the Bearer of Truth in New Ad! What? [VIDEO]


The New York Times has been using one sided, biased, dishonest reporting for decades and now it is running an ad declaring it is the purveyor of truth.


Where were they on the truth about Benghazi or Hillary’s emails. What happened when Obama lied about keeping your doctor with ObamaCare?

Where was the New York Times when healthcare costs kept rising exponentially?

New York Times Building, Location: New York NY, Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop with FX Fowle Architects

New York Times Building, Location: New York  

Now I would fight to the death for their 1st Amendment right to publish nonsense, but for them to act like the golden standard bearer is utterly disgusting propaganda.

They have the wonderful freedom to cheat the American people by only giving half truths and openly one sided news, but it really hurts their bottom line. Why not just satisfy everyone and be fair and balanced?

Just watch the video.Insanity!

They were recently booted, along with CNN, from a private press meeting with President Trump. They were insulted. But why? They have relentlessly attacked him with no positives in sight! Often times the attacks were baseless and sometimes they had merit.

There was an overall attempt to destroy, and it was obvious.

It is their job to tell the story, not be an attack dog for every little item that comes along. There are good stories and bad stories.

No one is asking the New York Times to be a lapdog, just be honest.

But it has been that way since the advent of the news source. Hearst and Pulitzer made millions throwing fancy, and sometimes dishonest headlines.

I get that. We, here at Joe for America, have to get creative with headlines. We tend to slant towards conservatism and freedom, and attack socialism.

But we are a blog site. We are not telling people that we are the honest standard bearer of both sides like the New York Times is trying to do.

The “mainstream” media is nothing close to mainstream. It is far left opinion and propaganda. If the New York Times  wants to be that, that is great! Just be honest about it and don’t try to be the golden child of truth.





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