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MSNBC In FULL MELTDOWN Mode After Trump’s Speech To Congress! [Videos]


On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump delivered a very strong speech to the joint session of Congress. Trump’s speech was about optimism, hope and patriotism. It was about ‘Making America Great Again’.

Trump layed out his administration’s agenda for immigration, national security, sovereignty, and building a stronger economy. He talked about tax relief for the middle-class and repealing/replacing Obamacare. He promised a more prosperous America. He also promised to return America to ‘One nation, under one God’.

But the MSM and the drive by media wouldn’t have anything to do with Trump’s promises or positive speech. There was even a CNN survey that showed 57% of CNN’s audience reacted ‘very positive’ to Trump’s speech.

CNN, MSNBC and the other MSM didn’t care about the overall nation’s response. In fact, MSNBC proved that very clearly when they marched out 3 liberal nutjobs to give their personal reactions to Trump’s speech. Talk about being in touch with reality…

chris-matthews-660x400 (1)

H/T I Have The Truth:

So President Trump gives an amazing speech that you can very well tell is sincere and from the heart…and then MSNBC brings on people to interview about it. They want to gather their thoughts on the speech and get their feedback.

Do they bring on regular everyday hardworking Americans? Nope.

 Maybe bring on celebrities…out of touch with reality, paid to hate, mingling in stuff they don’t actually know anything about celebrities. First up… Kathy Griffin, and her political views.

It just get even worse after that…

I know it seems impossible.

Augmenting his usual cast of political commentators with Hollywood notables led to some interesting results for Matthews, as his guests made their feelings about the President abundantly clear.

Oh, wait….that’s not all! MSNBC also interviewed Rob Reiner. OMG!  One nut job after another…

Not done yet! There’s more…that’s right, as in Michael Moore.

So, Kathy Griffin, Rob Reiner and Michael Moore….is THAT the best MSNBC can do? You have GOT to be kidding me! Seriously?!

Does MSNBC really think that these three liberal nutjobs are the best representation of the American people? Or just their viewers?

If these 3 left liberal nutjobs represent MSNBC’s viewers, well then, there’s the REAL problem.

Just like these liberals, MSNBC doesn’t care about telling the truth. They just care about convincing others of their narrative….the false narrative.  You might say they are all still in Obama’s ‘La La Land’.

They don’t care about our economy being in it’s worst state in over 60 years. They also don’t care that our country has lost millions of jobs or care about the 94 million Americans that are out of the labor force, or the 43 million Americans that are in poverty. They also don’t care that our country has a close to a $20 Trillion deficit. They just don’t care. Period.

If you ask me, …they are all a sad bunch of morons who have been smoking some good gange or dube for all too long.






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