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Mother Runs Screaming For Help Outside With Her Baby – Thanks To ‘Angel’, Mailman Becomes A HERO!


There is nothing more terrifying than watching your child choke on an object unable to breathe. For mother Stephanie Cooper, she experienced this firsthand when her son, Eli, put a piece of plastic in his mouth and lost the ability to breathe. The mother and son were at home alone that day and Stephanie panicked when she couldn’t get the plastic out. She turned to the only person available, the mailman.

Eli was eating out of a container of a baby puff snacks when he pulled off some plastic with his teeth and put it in his mouth. Mom, Stephanie had only looked away for a few seconds, but when she turned around to see her son struggling to breathe she knew something was very wrong. She put her finger in Eli’s mouth hoping to gently sweep the wrapper out, but it wasn’t working. She then hit the back between his shoulder blades next, but nothing happened, her baby was still fighting for air.

Just then, she thought she heard her husband pulling up to the house, so she ran out the front door with Eli in her arms. Her cries for help were not to her husband after all, but to her mailman. Mailman Chris Brown had worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 24 years. Thirty minutes before his timely arrival at the Cooper’s house, he had a delay to his route of about three or four minutes. That short time frame is what saved little Eli’s life.

The delay thirty minutes earlier is what caused Brown to arrive in the nick of time to help Stephanie in middle of the emergency situation.  Brown could not expect to be called an ‘angel’ by one of his customers, but he was about to. He was doing his job like normal when all of a sudden he had a choking baby in his arms.

Brown used two fingers to carefully give two sets of baby chest compressions. On the last compression, Eli expelled the plastic wrapper and began to breathe normally. Brown saw God’s hand throughout the whole series of events that ensured he arrived just in time to save Eli.

Stephani Cooper will never forget the mailman who saved her baby’s life.


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