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Mom Gets Bad Feeling about Couple at Grocery Checkout. SUDDENLY She Hears ‘Say Bye to Mommy’


This story will horrify you, especially if you are a mom or dad! Never take your eye off your child, even when they are right next to you!

It would be nice to believe that human trafficking only happens in bad faraway places. That is just simply not the case. Men, women, and children are trafficked by the millions every single year.

Mom Amanda Florczykowski had the scare of her life, and it happened while she was HOLDING her child!

Amanda tells her story better than I can, so I will let her. She wrote on Facebook:

My name is Amanda and I’m a Longview, Texas resident. I’m convinced that our two year old daughter was the victim of a potential sex-trafficking scam yesterday.

I got in the check-out line at a local store early afternoon. I took my daughter out of the cart and the couple ahead struck up the typical conversation about how “cute your daughter is” and then asked about her age, repeatedly. I initially was understanding of what I assumed was a cultural barrier, but I quickly became uncomfortable with the woman’s body language and close proximity to my cart/kids. I picked my daughter up only to have the woman ask if she could hold her.

The woman was so close at this point that my toddler reached her arms around the woman before I could really respond. In an instant her proximity finally changed and she backed away. I grabbed back on to my daughter as the woman was saying, “Say bye to mommy” – what an unusual comment to provoke a child to say. The woman resisted returning her when I physically pulled my daughter from her arms.

Know their conversation began immediately with me and this all took place over only a few moments. After this couple left, I was really shaken up but still noticed the man a few feet away in my peripheral vision, continuing to stand, by himself, with no groceries, in a closed check-out lane. He faced the opposite direction, but was looking over his shoulder at me; glaring would be an understatement. His eyes did not leave my every move and I confidently matched his stare to show I was aware of his presence. I loudly conversed with the cashier about their security staff and the odd couple that seemed predatory.

I’m thankful to Jesus that He alone protected us! I was able to get out and home safely with my family.

The mom and daughter arrived home safely after this terrifying ordeal. But, Amanda felt she needed to share her story. She hopes that it makes others more aware of their surroundings and to the fact that human trafficking can take place anywhere.

She wrote, “I’m just like you, a mom and I hope my experience helps you to be, not fearful, but cautious! 2 Timothy 1:7 ‘For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.’”

Be careful, children are our most precious resource!


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