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Mike Pence Finally Responds To AP Publishing His Wife’s Email!


While people aren’t as hard on Vice President Mike Pence as they are on President Donald Trump they certainly never leave him alone for very long. But this time they are not just attacking him they are attacking his wife. The Vice President is demanding an apology as a result.

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Mark Paoletta is the Vice President’s counsel and he wrote the Associated Press on behalf of the Vice President and his wife because of the outlet publishing Karen Pence’s email in their publication. Vice President Pence responded by tweeting out his response. See below,

Karen Pence’s email was published in an article called, “Pence fought against releasing records as Indiana governor.” The article discussed the recent controversy surrounding the Vice President using a private email account through AOL during his time as Governor. Many have been comparing it to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server controversy.

However, they are not remotely the same. Vice President Pence did not use a server, simply an account. He also only sent out a few dozen emails compared to the tens of thousands that the Clinton department sent. This recent so called accident of releasing Pence’s email could be in retaliation or simply to make his life as miserable as possible. Either way it is highly unprofessional and unethical.

The Vice President and his family deserve to be treated with basic human respect. He does hold the second highest office in the land. He should be treated as such. Especially given that his wife has not done anything to anyone. A stunt like this only serves to make the highly contaminated waters between the media and the administration far more polluted. They should no better. Or they do and they are misbehaving on purpose. Either way the end result is the same.


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