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Man Tries to Shame Trump Voters with Sob Video of Dad’s ICE Arrest – Omits Sexual Assault on a Child Part


**WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE A video that depicted the arrest of two illegal aliens while a child cries has gone viral but the truth behind the arrests was hidden by the person filming.

Robert Espino went on Facebook Live on Tuesday and filmed the DeSoto Texas Police Department arresting his brother and  brother-in-law, Eduardo Diaz-Escobedo and Marin Linares Marquez, while lambasting supporters of President Donald Trump for destroying the family.

**WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE A video that depicted the arrest of two illegal aliens while a child cries has gone viral but the truth behind the arrests was hidden by the person filming.

“This is for you all motherf*ckers that voted for Trump,” Espino said. “Breaking up families and sh*t. DeSoto’s fu*king finest, ain’t got sh*t better to do. F*cking with families don’t catch real f*cking criminals.”

“You Trump supporters happy?” he asked while showing a 9-year-old girl crying. “My 9-year-old niece getting her father taken away from her.”

“My brother and brother in law were cuffed and taken away from their families they are not drug dealers, rapist, thieves, not even a traffic ticket,” he wrote in the description of the video. “They leave behind wives, sons and daughters. This what Donald J. Trump supporters wanted, to see families torn apart because of where you’re born?”

But the real story isn’t exactly as Espino described.

According to a press release posted to Facebook by the DeSoto Police Department the two men were rightfully arrested and detained for deportation in a joint operation between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the DeSoto police.

On Feb. 29, 2000, a Denton County (Texas) Criminal Court convicted Diaz Escobedo of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child for which he received a sentence of eight years deferred adjudication. On March 22, 2017, ICE officers determined that Diaz Escobedo had an outstanding arrest warrant for a probation violation related to this conviction.

Consequently, Diaz Escobedo was transferred to the Denton County Jail. ICE placed an immigration detainer on him so that he will be transferred to ICE custody following disposition of his criminal charges,” the press release read.

“Marquez Linares was deported Dec. 16, 2007. He illegally re-entered the United States sometime after being deported, which is a felony. Marquez Linares is currently in ICE custody pending his removal to Mexico,” it added.

Sexual assault of a minor and re-entering the nation after being deported. Not exactly the “traffic violations” described Espino and picked up by liberal website RawStory and CBS’ Grande 107.5 that painted the story as spun by Espino.

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