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3 WV Lawmakers Pushing to Make Homeschool a Form of “Parental ABUSE”!


Almost 5% of the US school age population is enrolled in some form of homeschool and now three West Virginia lawmakers want to make it a form of abuse.

Senator Kenneth Mann (R), has teamed up with two Democratic Senators, Michael Romano and Ron Stollings, to propose the insane homeschool law.

The law would effectively prohibit homeschooling and order CPS investigations if parents wanted to homeschool children who had accrued 10 absences without acceptable excuse.

Almost 5% of the US school age population is enrolled in some form of HomeSchool and now three West Virginia lawmakers want to make it a form of abuse.

HSDLA reports:

HSLDA strongly opposes this bill. We are and urging our members and friends to take action to prevent this bill from moving forward in the WV legislature. The bill is unnecessary. The law already provides procedures for school authorities to intervene if there are legitimate concerns regarding the home education of a child.

The bill is alarming because of the statist mindset it represents. Public education is presumed to be where children belong. That parents cannot be trusted with deciding when to homeschool. It also imposes unconstitutional burdens on the right of parents to decide how a child is educated and would create new burdens on local and state authorities.

While parents whose children are enrolled in public schools should undertake to comply with the attendance requirements, it is alarming that the state would seek to prohibit parents from exercising their fundamental rights to homeschool simply because of attendance problems at a public school. If passed, this bill would unreasonably hold some children and their families hostage in violation of both the parents’ and the children’s rights to access home education.

This is the most maddening item I have had to write on.

These three lawmakers are MORONS! Period.

Get with the program! Senators Kenneth Mann, Michael Romano and Ron Stollings… You are PUBLIC SERVANTS!

That means…in the Biblical illustration of slaves and masters… you are not the MASTERS!

I have a very good friend who has successfully put her two sons through homeschool, all twelve grades. These two men are the most honest, well mannered, responsible, hard working, well liked, and reliable you can imagine.

One is excelling in college while winning awards in his field. The other, while working in the food industry, excelled so fast that they are trying desperately to find a way to get around age requirements to make him upper management…after only a few weeks of being employed.

A little over 50% of our public high school graduates end up graduating college. The number of homeschool graduates that finish college is in the mid 90’s.

Not only should our freedom to homeschool be vitally protected, parents with the ability should seriously look into the process. It is not as hard as one would think…

Using some phonics flash cards, a dry erase pen and the refrigerator, I had my youngest niece reading, writing and spelling before she turned 4 years old. (And NOT 3 letter words!)

She knew 5 parts of speech and all 50 states and capitals by age 5.

The Education Committee Chairman WV State Senator Kenny Mann can be reached at: Please write him and nicely explain why he is a MORON!

Check out my niece! You go girl! She is still excelling now…in the 2nd Grade!

All 50 capitals!

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Scott Osborn is a Writer, Preacher, Political activist, as well as the Social Media Director for the TV Comedy Show, The Flipside with Michael Loftus. Scott hosts several radio shows, including the wildly popular “Conover U” starring Rodney Lee & the Preacher..


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