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Kellyanne Conway EVISCERATES Nancy’s Pelosi For Sexist Hypocrisy


Liberals love to be the moral authority on most everything. They have taken every opportunity to excoriate Donald Trump for his sexist and misogynistic ways. But when the coin is turned and when one of their own says something sexist apparently that means they get a free pass. Look no further than Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to see that blatant hypocrisy.


Recently, Kellyanne Conway was ripped apart in the mainstream media for a picture that went viral of her sitting on the couch in the Oval Office with her knees and feet up. One Democratic Congressmen made an inappropriate remark in response. At a dinner of fellow politicians and journalists he commented that she “looked comfortable” in that position. Referencing former President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions in the Oval Office.

Conway appeared in an interview with Howard Kurtz on Fox News to discuss a myriad of different issues. That is when she took the chance to blast Nancy Pelosi for her silence over the Democratic Congressman’s remarks. Pelosi refused to condemn his remarks. When pressed if that was hypocritical on a segment of CNN’s “State of the Union” she argued that she wasn’t present when Richmond made those comments so she doesn’t even know if he said them. Despite them being already confirmed.

Conway said,

The silence is deafening. I’m very disappointed in Minority Leader Pelosi. No wonder she was a two term Speaker and the majority of the voters were female across the country and they didn’t want her to be Speaker anymore. I was very disappointed in her.

She was either not telling the truth when she said she wasn’t aware [of the comments], or it’s not important enough to her caucus that they would bring this to her attention and ask her, this person who says everyday, ‘This person should resign. This person should recuse. That person should resign. That one should go be impeached.’ She had nothing to say about about a Democratic congressman, a member of her own caucus, issuing such a tasteless, sexist joke, which a lot of liberals in the room did not think was funny. This is what happens when you refuse to call yourself a feminist.”

What the White House spokeswoman and counselor did was shine a light on the blaring hypocrisy amongst Democrats. The same hypocrisy that has lost them the majority and numerous elections.


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