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Ivanka Trump Is Doing THIS In The White House! She Has A White House Job After All!


When the President initially took office he made it clear his sons would be taking care of his businesses while he was in the office of the presidency. While Ivanka Trump said she would be moving to Washington, D.C. and her husband would play an advisory role in the administration. She said in the beginning she was simply going to be transitioning her kids and family to life in the metro area.

But now it seems she will have a much larger role after all and exerting far more influence than was ever portrayed. The Independent Journal Review reported that the President’s daughter has accompanied her father to numerous events and meetings.

Ivanka played a pivotal role in the “Shine a Light on Human Slavery Day.” She was instrumental in putting together a session on human trafficking located in the West Wing of the White House. Later in the same day she attended an important meeting with executives of manufacturing companies.

Last week reporters took pictures of her and her daughter Arabella getting VIP access to Supreme Court arguments when she was invited by Justice Anthony Kennedy. During the day she went to the National Urban League Small Business Round Table and contributed to the dialogue in Baltimore, Maryland.

Experts are noting that her actions are far different than any other First Child the nation has seen in a very long time. Author Kate Andersen Brower who published, “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies” said,

“I’ve never seen a (presidential) child this involved in her father’s administration. There’s nobody else like her. Even George W. Bush, during his father’s administration, he was involved in campaign stuff but he wasn’t sitting in on meetings at the White House as far as I know.”

At the inception of our nation people other than wives sometimes took care of first lady duties. Whether it was a daughter, sister, niece, or grandchild. Woodrow Wilson’s daughter, Margaret Woodrow Wilson conducted events. As well as, Rose Cleveland, Grover Cleveland’s sister. Andrew Jackson’s daughter-in-law and niece also partook in such activities. Melania Trump made it clear she would remain in New York City until her young son, Barron, finished school in June. So in all likelihood, Ivanka is filling Melania’s role until she moves to D.C. permanently.

The country is lucky to have a good role model like Ivanka Trump.


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