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Ivanka Trump Accused Of THIS By Liberal Media!


Ivanka Trump is considered to be the favored child of the President. Unlike her brothers who will be overseeing operations at the Trump Organization she plays an advisory role for the White House. Despite not having an actual role or title to go with her duties. Most people don’t mind her and instead look at her as a good asset to her father’s administration.


However, that streak seems to have ended, Anne Helen Petersen of Buzzfeed wrote a nasty piece about the First Daughter where she accused her of downplaying her faith. She said,

Together, they compose a particularly 21st-century propaganda aesthetic — one that attempts to blind us to the discrimination and destruction committed by her father and performed in the name of rebuilding America.”

She came to this conclusion after analyzing Trumps social media accounts. In spite of the recent attacks against Jewish cemeteries she said that the Trumps have not been vocal enough in denouncing them. Regardless of the fact that Trump publically came out and criticized the attacks on social media as did Ivanka.

Petersen also said that Trumps tweets were too innocuous. Referencing her using the #JCC hashtag which stands for Jewish Community Centers. She said,

There was no invocation of her own identity as a Jew, and in fact, no invocation of Jewishness at all — save the hashtag, #JCC, whose meaning, for most, would remain opaque. Which isn’t to suggest that Ivanka is ashamed, per se, of being Jewish; rather, she understands that to remain as publicly palatable as possible, Jewishness cannot be central to her public identity.”

Even when the Trumps try to do the right thing they can’t win for losing. They are denounced for being xenophobic and bigots and then they speak up for tolerance and acceptance and they still are put down. Some people they will never be able to please.


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