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10 Incredible Songs Written to Honor Our Bravest; Our Veterans!


Why wait for Veterans Day? I just finished writing a touching story about how a young cashier did an act of kindness to an elderly veteran and it left me emotional and in tears.

I looked at some songs honoring veterans to place in the article and there were so many I wanted to use them all. SO I will do so here!

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I used Toby Keith – American Soldier for that article. You cannot beat the words of gratitude to our finest:

#1 Toby Keith – American Soldier

I’m an American soldier, an American, Beside my brothers and my sisters
I will proudly take a stand, When liberty’s in jeopardy
I will always do what’s right, I’m out here on the front lines,
So you can sleep in peace tonight.
American soldier, I’m an American, American soldier, An American!

#2 Toby Keith – Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue

American girls and American guys
We’ll always stand up and salute
We’ll always recognize
When we see Old Glory flying
There’s a lot of men dead
So we can sleep in peace at night when we lay down our head!

#3 “Letters from Home” by John Michael Montgomery

I can only imagine how a song like this hits home even more for the parents of soldiers serving overseas.

#4  “(There’ll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover” by Vera Lynn (An oldie but goody!)

One of the most popular tunes from World War II, this was written in 1941 in an effort to lift the spirits of the Allied nations, who had suffered terrible defeats at the hands of Nazi Germany.

#5 Ballad of the Green Berets – SSGT Barry SADLER

I have loved this song since I was a child. Such a great tribute and a fun listen as well.

Fighting soldiers from the sky
Fearless men who jump and die
Men who mean just what they say
The brave men of the Green Beret!

#6 The Fightin’ Side of Me – Merle Haggard

I strongly agree with ol Merle! “Our fightin’ men have fought and died to keep” this country great and disrespect that… well just leave! Appreciate what our veterans have done!

I hear people talkin’ bad,
About the way we have to live here in this country,
Harpin’ on the wars we fight,
An’ gripin’ ’bout the way things oughta be.
An’ I don’t mind ’em switchin’ sides,
An’ standin’ up for things they believe in.
When they’re runnin’ down my country, man,
They’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.
Yeah, walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.
Runnin’ down the way of life,
Our fightin’ men have fought and died to keep.
If you don’t love it, leave it:
Let this song I’m singin’ be a warnin’.
If you’re runnin’ down my country, man,
You’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me.

#7 Thank a Veteran By Barbara Speicher

This was a song that obviously did not top the charts, but the words are so great! This production by a 2nd/3rd grade choir is touching. With so much craziness in our schools, it is nice to see them honoring our veterans!

For the freedom to go anywhere you want without fear, Thank a veteran, thank a veteran
For the freedom to choose what you read and write and what you hear, Thank a veteran, thank a veteran

For the freedom to select the church that you wish to attend, Thank a veteran, thank a veteran…

Thank a veteran, thank a veteran, Fighting so courageously for our life and liberty…

For the freedom to speak freely and protest the government, Thank a veteran, thank a veteran…

For the freedom to pick leaders who will represent your voice, Thank a veteran, thank a veteran…

#8 The Vocal Majority – Armed Forces Medley

The  Vocal Majority performing the Armed Forces Medley makes goosebumps! A great way to get all these official military songs in one!  A tribute to the 5 branches of our armed forces consisting of each of their individual service hymns.  The Army goes rolling along–Anchors aweigh–Marines Hymn–Semper Paratus–Off we go into the wild blue yonder.

#9 Billy Ray Cyrus – Some Gave All

All Gave Some, Some Gave All
Some stood through for the red, white and blue
And some had to fall
And if you ever think of me
Think of all your liberties and recall
Some Gave All

#10 God Bless the USA – Lee Greenwood

What collection of songs honoring veterans would be complete…

And I’m proud to be an American
Where at least I know I’m free
And I won’t forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me!

From the lakes of Minnesota (T)
To the hills of Tennessee (M)
Across the plains of Texas (S)
From sea to shining sea (TresAmigos)

Thank A Veteran!

Dedicated to this precious veteran of THREE WARS, SFC Peter ‘Rupy’ Ruplenas, a “Real Life Captain America”! WWII, Korea, and Vietnam!

Read abut this fine gentleman who left an incredible legacy: Highlight Peter Ruplenas! 97 Year Old Veteran of Three Wars, Combat Photographer, and a “Real Life Captain America”!

October 5th,1918- April 16, 2016

Dedicated to veterans, especially 3 war veteran Peter Ruplenas. He touched my life!




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