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I Hate Paul Ryan 25% Less. Here’s Why:


I’ve been pretty rough on Paul Ryan over the years and he’s deserved every bit of it. But I gotta tell you he was a guest on my hero’s show Tucker Carlson recently and Tucker was really, really tough on him re: the repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, which no one seems to be too happy about.

I’ve always been a fan of Tucker, but this guy is really awesome in this forum – and he doesn’t suck up to anybody, including the Speaker the other night. The difference is that he allowed Paul Ryan two segments to fully explain a whole lot of details on the Republican plan to rid America of this horrific slush-fund, which Nancy Pelosi famously said we’d have to pass before finding out what was in it.

I used to despise Paul Ryan primarily because he allowed ObamaCare to be fully funded through the end of 2016 with his Ryan-Murray budget (actually a continuing resolution, but whatever), and you know it was just to gain power, and the public be damned. I hate that. Putting your Party before the people. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate that, but the GOP has been doing it since 2010 and damn, it worked.

They promised to get rid of ObamaDon’tCare for the past seven years and all they did was nurture it, lie about it and use it to hammer the Maoists, and take over the government. When I was listening to President Trump the other night (except for the widowed Navy Seal’s wife – maybe the most moving thing I’ve ever witnessed) – it was George W. Bush all over again and I absolutely am not going to defend that kind of drunken sailor bullshit spending trillions to make ‘merica great again. Ever.

But when given more than 2 minutes, the GOP’s plan to repeal and replace ObamaCare makes sense. There are a lot of really crazy, complicated and downright goofy-ass rules between the Senate and House, and you just can’t stand up one day and say; “Okay, here’s the deal: The entitlement that’s been in place for 7 years, which comprises around 18% of the economy is out, and our TrumpCare is in… Let’s get a scotch.”

Whether you like it or not, it just doesn’t work like that.

But 20 minutes with the proper grilling from a reasonable and truly, conservative and critical thinking guy like Tucker Carlson, Paul Ryan really did explain why they’re doing what they’re doing, when, how, and with whom. Namely leaning heavily on Tom Price, who is currently, the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary.

If you didn’t see it, here it is. It’s long and that’s good. Give it a chance, Tucker is tough, but Ryan hangs in there and lays it out.

Tom Price knows what he’s doing, and has been at the forefront of a Republican healthcare alternative for years. This is the man, and I’m relieved and impressed that Ryan is leaving the nuts and bolts up to Price, while Ryan figures out the legislative tomfoolery. You need that, and who better than that sneaky-snake?


Of course the Washington Post said “The new Republican health-care plan is awe-inspiringly awful” which gives me hope as well..


Watch LIVE: House Speaker Paul Ryan discusses the GOP health care plan at a news conference."If we simply did nothing… the collateral damage in this country would be awful," Speaker Paul Ryan said.

Posted by Fox News on Thursday, March 9, 2017

I’m giving him 300 days on this. After 7 years, what’s another year?


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