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This Is HUGE! Electronics GIANT Has Big News For America…


Donald Trump’s campaign promise to bring overseas jobs back to the U.S. has begun with one of the largest electronics manufacturers, Samsung. Knowledgeable sources have said that the South Korea-based Samsung Electronics Company has announced it plans to increase manufacturing here in the U.S. by opening a new production facility.

Samsung’s decision was reportedly heavily influenced by the President’s threat to impose import taxes on products shipped overseas. Trump’s plan is to encourage American companies to keep their production here at home and to entice buyers to buy U.S. made goods, boosting the economy and creating jobs.


Samsung’s decision to expand it’s manufacturing here at home could mean an initial $300 million investment and would create approximately 500 new jobs.

Sources say that upon completion of the new facilities, the U.S. will join with Mexico in producing ovens for Samsung. The expansion could eventually lead to the production of other appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

The final location for the factory has not been determined. Samsung has been meeting with representatives from Alabama, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The company has expressed interest in possibly putting the new facility in Blythewood, S.C.. Sources say Samsung could be looking for an existing building to occupy rather than constructing a new structure.

Known as the world’s largest manufacturer of memory chips, televisions, and Android driven smartphones, Samsung announced in November that it plans to invest over $1 billion in it’s production of it’s processor chips at their facility in Austin, Texas.

Samsung is not the only major company to announce plans to undertake more manufacturing in the U.S.. Intel announced in February it has plans to invest $7 billion in finishing an incomplete facility in Chandler, Arizona. LG Electronics also announced big plans in February; they are going to construct an 829,000-square-foot factory in Clarksville, Tennesse. The new factory would cost approximately $250 million to build and would employ up to 600 people.

It looks like Trump is making good on his campaign promise to bring jobs back to America within the first couple of months in his presidency.


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