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Hannity Slams Chaz Bono After He Insults Host and Trump Supporters!


Leave it to another Hollywood liberal to shoot off his mouth about President Trump.  This time it was Hollywood “actor” Chaz Bono (former Chasity) who was spewing lies about Trump to Hannity and Trump supporters. It seems all of this started after the recent release of the WikiLeaks ‘Vault 7’ documents, that reported information and methods about the CIA hacking and spying on individuals without their knowledge.

Following the WikiLeaks documents being released, Fox News host Sean Hannity sent out a few tweets on Twitter. What then followed was a rampage of tweets between Bono and Hannity. Of course, Chaz like his mother Cher, was also a big supporter of Hillary Clinton’s. I highly doubt Chaz was expecting the kind of results he got from Hannity on Twitter.


H/T Conservative Tribune:

Actor Chaz Bono (who was born a female but became a male), took issue with Hannity’s tweet and quickly replied to him on Twitter, calling him a “traitor” and all the usual liberal talking points.

Here’s their responses and exchanges on Twitter:

Is it possible, likely or can you confirm instances where the CIA used Malware to “Attribute” cyberattacks to other nations? Possibly Russia 

Chaz Bono obviously didn’t believe the CIA could plant “false flag attacks” and responded to Hannity on Twitter.

So is the new Right, all Putin loving, reality denying, traitors to the principals our country was founded on, Fascists, Just Like ? 

Chaz clearly you are just ignorant. Read the @wikileaks info released this week. Try and educate yourself before tweeting inane lib tlk pts! 

Hannity, never one to let a good argument pass him by, quickly shot back,

Also Chaz I thought you liberals were supposed to be “tolerant”, & “inclusive”.
You r just the typical phony Hollywood hypocrite. 

I have said many times we should NOT trust Putin. I embrace truth everyday. I love my country and am not a fascist. You r ignorant and dull. 

Chaz come on my TV show so I can expose to all what a hypocrite you are and that you’re dumber than dirt. 

Bono didn’t let things stop there. He continued to accuse Hannity of propping up Russian President Vladimir Putin, sarcastically claimed that “Reagan would be so proud,” and implied that Fox News’ audience has no interest in hearing differing opinions.

Oh Sean, while that’s tempting, I don’t play with stupid. But have fun denigrating the CIA and propping up Putin. Reagan would be so proud. 

If I’m going on TV to talk politics, I want to reach an audience with an open mind, just common sense. This is not a pi**ing contest to me. 

Shockingly, yes Sean, as fun as all this. Clearly you’re not a fan, nor am I & neither one of much enjoys taking BS. Not much more to say. 

You say you are an “actor” & “producer”? I checked your resume, and it’s not that impressive. You started this fight & won’t debate-coward! 

I think we can honestly say Hannity won that round of exchanges. Chaz Bono would have had more respect, if he would have at least agreed to appear on Hannity’s show to explain his indifferences.  However, just like most liberals, you can’t use logic and facts in a debate with liberals. They don’t know how to to respond to facts. They shift the blame, ignore the facts and then use name calling. Don’t believe me? Read the exchange again.

Conservatives, like Hannity, also believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, and a strong military.

Summary: Liberals believe government solves all their problems. Conservatives believe government IS the problem.

Yes, it’s a little Reaganism.

If Chaz Bono wants to bring up something Reagan did or said 30 years ago, well, do we really want to talk about that time machine….

I mean, even Cher’s lyrics of her song goes, “if we could turn back time….”


Hey, just one more question for you, Chaz. Just wondering when Cher is moving to Jupiter now that Donald Trump is president?






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