Gorsuch Just Admitted THIS During His Nomination Hearing!

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The hearings for cabinet nominees and other appointees of the new administration is winding down. One of the final nomination hearings to take place is that of Judge Neil Gorsuch whose televised hearings can be seen on various media outlets. During his hearings the judge made an admission that is shocking even conservatives.

Throughout his questions and answers session this Tuesday he expressed regret for the toll the confirmation process was taking on his family. In the middle of his hearing he said the following,

“Senator, there’s a lot about this confirmation process today that I regret. A lot. A lot.”

He began to describe Supreme Court Justice Byron White who also was a Colorado native saying,

“When Bryon White sat here, it was 90 minutes. He was through this body in two weeks and he smoked cigarettes while he gave his testimony. There’s a great deal about this process I regret. I regret putting my family through this.”

His nomination comes at a time of deep political divisiveness and rancor. After Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away his seat opened up and the battle between Democrats and Republicans began over who would fill the seat.

President Obama’s choice was Judge Merrick Garland who never went through the hearing process. Gorsuch has refused to comment on the issue citing the unethical nature of doing so. His refusal to interfere with Executive Branch issues and his concern for his family should show Americans exactly the type of man the President has nominated.

One who cares deeply for the criminal justice system and has a reverence for the separation of powers between different branches of government. In today’s political climate where everyone feels the need to interject their opinions and comments when they feel like it, we need someone like Gorsuch.

Considering the success the President has had thus far on following through with his promises, it would not be shocking if the judge’s nomination hearing goes off without a hitch too.

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