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GOP Congressman Denounces Freedom Caucus & Threatens Paul Ryan


After negotiations with the House Freedom Caucus failed last week in reference to the American Health Care Act Speaker of the House Paul Ryan pulled the bill for the final time. Some have been arguing that this major failure should mean that Ryan recuses himself or is replaced. However, one Republican Ohio Representative is denouncing the Freedom Caucus for their role in this health care fiasco.

It was Ohio Representative Mike Turner. On Monday he appeared on CNN to interview with co-host John Berman and said the Freedom Caucus has a mob mentality that the Speaker will eventually have to address unless he wants trouble.

Berman asked him if he felt the Freedom Caucus made the job for moderate GOP members more difficult and he said the following in response,

“Absolutely, and I think the speaker is beginning to see that there is some great difficulty in having one group that organizes themselves in a fashion where they view themselves as separate from the rest of the conference or separate from Congress themselves. They’re not acting individually. They’re having a group or mob mentality that I think is something the speaker’s going to have to address, whether it’s this bill or anything else moving forward. The speaker’s going to have to address this issue or he will be dealing with gridlock, not just in Congress but in the House.”

When co-host Poppy Harlow responded and asked what he meant by mob mentality the Representative responded,

“When you get a group together that says, ‘We’re going to pledge voting together,’ I think it certainly is a group that has characteristics that the speaker needs to be very concerned about.”

Many are attributing to the failure of the bill to the Freedom Caucus who were prepared to vote it down for not being a full repeal and replace of the Affordable Care Act. Several Freedom Caucus members castigated the moderate stance they felt the repeal and replace bill took on healthcare. This was one of the first failures of the Trump administration and for Speaker Ryan.

However, more conservative members of the GOP are blaming people like Representative Turner for being too moderate. Numerous moderate Republicans have been singled out and blamed for not towing the party line more. Whether people label themselves moderate or conservative Republicans, Republicans are nonetheless being blamed for the failure of this bill.

Despite the fact that the failure of the Affordable Care Act is something they can all agree on.


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