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HERE WE GO! ‘Hillary For Mayor’ Signs Going Up All Over NYC


Just when Americans felt like they had gotten rid of Hillary Clinton, she begins to pop up all over New York; she is not going away!
“Hillary for Mayor” signs are plastered all around New York City. It’s not clear who has been making the signs, but they can be seen everywhere. Several photos have been posted on Twitter showing all the places the sign can be seen.

There was one on the “Hillary for Mayor” advertisements above the 34 Street-Herald Square subway station:


Alexandra Rosenmann posted on her Twitter several other places the signs can be spotted. There was one in a subway station, one on a train and one even on the door of a convenience store:



Although the protagonist who is posting these signs is not known, it is clear that they are trying to create a pro-Hillary buzz.

A January poll found that Clinton would hypothetically defeat Mayor Bill de Blasio in a match up.

“…Hillary Clinton, running as an independent, tops incumbent Bill de Blasio, running as a Democrat, 49 – 30 percent,” a poll from Quinnipiac University said.

“Mayor de Blasio gets a divided 45 – 46 percent job approval rating, little changed from a 47 – 47 percent approval rating in a November 16 survey … The mayor does not deserve reelection, New York City voters say 49 – 42 percent.”

“In the Clinton – de Blasio matchup, Clinton leads 61 – 29 percent among Democrats and 45 – 31 percent among independent voters. Republicans back de Blasio 28 – 18 percent. She leads among men and women and Black, White and Hispanic voters. She also leads in every borough except Staten Island, which goes to de Blasio 28 – 22 percent,” according to Quinnipiac survey.

“New Yorkers aren’t in love with Mayor Bill de Blasio, but they seem to like him better than other possible choices – except Hillary Clinton, who probably is an impossible choice,” said Tim Malloy, the Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

This race could get interesting.


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