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Gary Johnson Just Admitted THIS About The Presidency


After the election Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson fell into obscurity as third party candidates often do. But now he is temporarily back in the spotlight after speaking to the media in a rare appearance following his loss back in November. Johnson spoke with the Albuquerque Journal about his future in politics.

In an interview with Michael Coleman the former Governor of New Mexico finally admitted he will never run for the office of the President ever again. He admitted that Donald Trump’s win made him loose a lot of faith in the system. Which led to his decision never to run again. A libertarian saying he lost faith in the system is irony within itself.

Johnson indicated he will remain in the political arena simply not in the capacity he has been in the past. He insisted he will maintain his PAC “Our America” and will work to assist in the legalization of marijuana across the country. A issue that was quite important to his campaign.


The marijuana issue will likely remain a hot topic as the newly appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions is vehemently anti-pot. The former Governor called the ban on legalizing marijuana as akin to the prohibition of alcohol. Which was once an amendment and eventually repealed.

Johnson received a small bump in support at the height of disapproval against Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump of the Democratic and Republican parties respectively. But it quickly fizzled out prior to Donald Trump’s historic November win.

Considering how much Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by, I highly doubt that the President is remotely interested or concerned about this development. Even at the height of his popularity Johnson never breached the fifteen percent approval bracket with any mainstream media outlet as his campaign was plagued with silly missteps that went unexplained.


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