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“Friends in Safe Spaces” – Brilliant Song Mocking Anti-Trump Snowflakes! See Why It’s Gone Viral! [Video]


“Friends in Safe Spaces,” this is the perfect theme song for the liberals that Conservatives can enjoy.  It was created by two comedian country stars, Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew and is based on a Garth Brooks’ song “Friends in Low Places”.

If you are looking for something funny, entertaining and really clever…THIS is the song.  As the lyrics say, “We’ve got puppies on site, and we play on the floor, and there’s coloring books….”.

After the artist Snoop Dogg last week threatened the life of President Trump, and Dems called it “art,” it’s time Conservatives stepped up!

H/T Conservative Tribune:

Comedian Chad Prather and Steve “Mudflap” McGrew have teamed up to raise awareness for one of the left’s most precious inventions — the safe space.

They’ve written a song for these designated areas that liberals demand to escape from troubling or scary comments and/or people. As you might have guessed, the song itself is a trigger that will force hundreds of thousands of snowflakes to retreat to the nearest nook with a coloring book.

The song is an awesome parody of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” titled “Friends in Safe Spaces,” and it pokes fun at sensitive liberals everywhere.

The song points out how growing up without ever having to face anything difficult or challenging can be a prescription for a difficult life. From participation trophies to coloring books, the song highlights all of the reasons that lead to the snowflake mentality that undermines the hard-working American spirit.

The song also emphasizes the collective meltdown of millions of “delicate flowers” since Donald Trump won the presidency in November, while pointing out that anyone who disagrees with them, especially a white heterosexual Christian, must be …..

The song even takes a hit at CNN and Michael Moore. You’ll love it!

So for all the snowflakes out there who you think need a theme song next time to you see them, share this one with them, “Friends in Safe Spaces”. Who knows, it just might put a smile on your face, their face or others watching.

Certainly after listening to Democrats like Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, Lord knows, we could all use a little humor in our lives. Humor helps most people get through the day a little easier, especially when you may be surrounded by people in safe spaces with coloring books. As the lyrics say,

“Feel very bitter, got news off of Twitter, we just can’t handle defeat. I got friends in safe spaces.”

If there’s a chance you were offended….well, as Chad says, “a bit dog always barks”.




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