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She Found Note On Her Door, SHOCKED To Learn Who It Was From- HEARTBREAKING Confession


A woman from Lakewood, Washington, is looking for the young boy who stole her windchime and then stuck a sincere note on her front door. The hand-written letter was left with a $5 bill and signed by a child named Jake.  Jake was apologizing for his little sister, who stole one of Chrissy Marie’s wind chimes from off her property. His little sister saw the butterfly windchime and it brought her comfort.

You see, Jake and his little sister were dealing with the loss of their mother, and one wind chime, in particular, gave the little girl a comforting, familiar feeling.

Doing whatever he could to help his little sister feel better he allowed her to take the wind chime. Feeling great remorse for stealing, he decided to write an apology letter and give Marie $5 to compensate for the stolen valueable.


The note read: “I am sorry that we stole your Windchime our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad. Jake.”

The tender note touched Marie and she posted a photo on her Facebook hoping the author of the letter would see her message. The Facebook post has gone viral with nearly 2,000 likes.

Marie included with her post a message to Jake,

“Well Jake, [I’m] not sure who you are but you can come get your money back sweetie,”

Marie wrote. “I had 3 of those windchimes … and have 1 also so both of you have your own.”

Marie ended her short message with, “I am not mad please come over to my house.”

In an interview with KCPQ-TV, Maire said Jake’s note made her feel a bit sad. “I wanted to cry because apparently, he felt bad for what his sister did. And I think he might be scared,” she told KCPQ-TV. Although Marie doesn’t approve of the stealing, she understands that he did it to help his sister.

“I’m not condoning the stealing part, but he did try to do right for what his sister did,” Marie said. “I do know what it’s like to [lose]a parent I was 5 years old when I lost my mom and just lost my dad almost 6 years ago,” she wrote. “Everyone, unfortunately, will [lose]a parent sometime in their life.”

In a separate Facebook post, Marie responded to few questions from facebookers following the story. She expressed how hard it is to lose a parent for anyone. She also mentions that she forgives and has compassion for Jake and his sister. As a mother of four boys and one girl, she wants to show her children how to handle the situations like this with kindness. “If I found Jake what would I do … I would give him his money back without embarrassing or scaring him,” she wrote.

Marie has since created a private Facebook page called “Jake’s Butterfly”, She hopes people will post “good inspirations to Jake” to ease the pain he and his sister are going, through.


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