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Father Spins Daughter During Her Wedding Dance Towards Stage – What She Sees Then Has Her In SHOCK! WATCH!


A couple’s wedding is a special day they will never forget. When Paul and Lisa Getz got married in August 2016, they couldn’t imagine just how unforgettable that day would be until a special guest surprised the bride during the father-daughter dance. Lisa’s dad, Dave White, arranged for Lisa’s favorite country music star to make Lisa’s day magical.

After Dave White gave his speech at the reception, he walked over to his daughter, took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor. This special moment had been planned months earlier by father and daughter. They had picked the song “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw because Lisa is a huge country music fan. As white took Lisa into his arms, he faced her away from the stage.

unnamed (5)As the music began, Tim McGraw walked out on stage. He began to sing his song, just as White twirled his little girl around to face the stage. He told her to “Turn around!” Lisa could not believe her eyes. “It took quite a while to process what was happening,” Lisa said. “It was amazing.”

You could see the expression of shock on her face to see McGraw serenading her. White was the only one who knew about the surprise.

All the wedding guests were totally surprised when they realized who was singing the song. The groom, Paul, recalled the moment,

“Everyone is talking about it and can’t get over it.  The funny thing is…it took everyone about 30 seconds to realize what was happening.” That’s when you hear the crowd erupt into applause and laughter.

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As the song came to the end, Tim McGraw gave Lisa a bear hug, lifting her up off the ground. Talk about magical! The fun didn’t stop there, McGraw got back on stage and played for another 45 minutes to the thrill of the wedding party. “It was like a concert right in the middle of our wedding,” said Paul.

Tim McGraw takes the cake on best wedding crasher and best wedding singer. The happy couple still have no idea how the dad was able to get McGraw to make a personal appearance at their wedding, but they are so happy he did.


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