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Donald Trump Decreased The Deficit In 2 Months By THIS Much


Donald Trump is tackling the crippling deficit this country has been facing for quite some time. He promised on the campaign trail he would cut the budget in half and work to cut wasteful government spending. Well, he is doing just that. The President has already decreased the debt by $100 billion. However, by the same time eight years ago President Obama had increased it by $400 billion.

The debt stood at $19.947 billion on January 20th when the President took the oath of office. However, since the most recent debt reporting the debt now stands at $19.846 billion. That is 0.5% in just his first two months on the job. In comparison, President Obama increased the debt by 3.9%.

Later, President Obama signed the stimulus bill that spent a trillion dollars and failed miserably. It led to a $1.4 trillion debt the next year. The Obama administration had the highest deficits ever seen and the largest debt increase ever. This is for all Presidents. That is what happens when you give a flaming liberal progressive the keys to the candy store, or in this case, the treasury.

The President has sent out his budget blueprint to Congress to look over and decide before their April 28th appropriations deadline. Some of his suggestions include cutting back wasteful environmental spending, humanities and arts funding, as well as non-necessary funds paid to organizations like Meals on Wheels that don’t even require federal funding to begin with.

Having run numerous successful businesses and organizations Donald Trump understands exactly how to balance the budget correctly to ensure the debt decreases and we begin turning a profit like we haven’t before. If his budget proposal is approved that very well might happen. It already appears to be working. With four more years who knows how low he will be able to get the deficit to go down.


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