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Debunking the Media’s ‘Meals on Wheels’ Hysteria!


Leave it to the MSM to cause more hysteria about President Trump. Recently, Trump released his preliminary budget that includes major, but necessary cuts, to help reduce the huge budget deficit that Obama left us with. Budget Director Mick Mulvaney addressed President Donald Trump’s budget proposal for the coming fiscal year during daily press briefing at the White House, in Washington.

The facts are the facts, but you really didn’t expect the MSM to print them did you? The media just took their narrative that they thought would sell and ran with it: Cold-hearted billionaire Republican President cuts ‘Meals on Wheels’ for senior citizens and veterans. Meals on Wheels isn’t even a federal program.

H/T Lifezette:

The first time Mick Mulvaney, President Donald Trump’s budget director, briefed the press directly about Trump’s inaugural budget, reporters were ready with questions about cuts to a program that had all the makings of a juicy story.

Senior citizens, the disabled, and sick veterans — who are also poor.

Add the cold-hearted billionaire president — a Republican — who is scheming to end the program, and it begins to sound like a made-for-Lifetime TV movie.

But the facts of the situation don’t quite live up to the narrative. Trump’s initial topline budget cut the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant, not the headline-grabbing program in question: Meals on Wheels. In fact, Meals on Wheels isn’t even a federal program, and the largest federal grants that do fund it come from the Department of Health and Human Services, not HUD.

Meals on Wheels gets 3 percent of its national-headquarters funding from the federal government. The program serves 2.4 million seniors, veterans, and the disabled. A third of its $1.4 billion budget comes from the federal government, according to CBS News.

It relies on a mix of federal, state, local, and private donations for its 5,000 chapters nationwide. It also relies on volunteers to deliver the hot meals to the needy.

There is little doubt the program is popular and widely beneficial. As news spread that Trump was going to make federal cuts affecting Meals on Wheels, the private nonprofit program (based in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.) told NBC News that it raised $100,000 in online donations over a two-day period. It typically only raises $2,000 in two days of online donations.

The popularity of the program explains how it became an immediate story upon the unveiling of the budget. Sitting in the front row of the White House press briefing on Thursday, NBC News’ Peter Alexander was ready with a question about Meals on Wheels.

“In Austin, Texas, today, one organization there that delivers those meals to thousands of elderly says that those citizens will no longer be able to be provided for those meals,” said Alexander.

Thus Mulvaney’s slight fumble on the issue — one that spawned an unflattering, if inaccurate, spate of stories. Mulvaney said the HUD block-grant program, which he described as deeply ineffective, cannot show measurable results. Some observers then assumed he was saying Meals on Wheels wasn’t effective, either.

The White House budget director did NOT say Meals on Wheels did not show results, but that’s NOT what the MSM want you to believe is it? Afterall, the MSM doesn’t want you to think Trump is a legitimit president. They still want you to believe that the Russians hacked the election and their ever so wonderful and only newsworthy candidate, Hillary Clinton should have won. Are you still going to tell me most Americans are still buying this crud? Come on man!






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