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‘Day Without Women’ Was A HUGE Bust. Here Are It’s Worst Moments!


The ‘Day Without Women’ was destined to be a dismal failure and it more than exceeded those expectations.

Think about it, a few liberal snowflake women take a day off work and don’t shopping? I know…I know… stereotype.

The socialist inspired ‘Day Without Women’ was supposed to be a day when women took the day off from paid or unpaid labor. They were to avoid shopping for one day and wear red. Red was chosen because ‘it signifies love and sacrifice, and is the color of energy and action.’

I spent half the day out and about, I saw a few women in the Metro-Plex wearing read…but anyway…

One of the ways that women were encouraged to participate, especially if they were unable to ditch work, was to not smile all day. HUH? Yeah… that will fix the men! All that did, was make for a bunch of grumpy looking women. Who comes up with these ideas? Oh yeah… socialist snowflakes!

Of course the BIGGEST and most well know BLOOPER of the day was how the official Women’s March account tweeted about the day:

Day Without Women Was A HUGE Bust. Here Are It's Worst Moments!

I am STILL laughing at that Tweet! I was kinda’ wondering if that social media person was getting paid for working that day. If she was, maybe she should be fired! I wonder who is birthing the other half of the population.

Children and parents suffered the most on the ‘Day Without Women’. While very few women skipped out of work, among those who did were unionized teachers. Children missed a day of school and many had to go to a babysitter. Parents had to take off work or find and pay for a babysitter! What a pain! Yeah, you liberal snowflakes really made an impression!  NOT!

Despite the tremendous amount of free marketing from the media for the ‘Day Without Women’, the day was a HUGE bust.

It actually inspired millions of conservative women to make a special effort to “make sandwiches” for their husbands and take extra care in their parental duties! Oh well!

See who was really behind the ‘Day without Women‘ and who is funding them, and what the purpose of this movement really is.





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