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Dad Calls Son Out On VIRAL Sign At Basketball Game – LOOK Why He’s Called Father Of The Year!


Every now and then parenting hands you a unique teaching opportunity. The average parent might not see the opportunity, but a few exceptional parents grab hold and teach their child a very valuable lesson. For one father at a Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Game, he pulled out all the stops to teach his son that school grades come before recreational activities. Looks like Thomas needs to spend more time studying.

Cleveland Cavaliers tickets have become a hot commodity since their NBA Championship last year. Getting a chance to watch the winning team is quite a treat.  What makes it even more special? Watching your favorite team with family, especially your child. A Father/Son outing to the B-ball game can be a bonding moment that is remembered for a lifetime.

Apparently, father and son had planned an evening at the Cav’s vs. Charlotte Hornets game on March 24th, but then the plan was derailed when the son’s grades came in. Dad didn’t feel it was fair that he miss the game so he went without his son, But, not without finding a way to teach his son the value of getting good grades.

A fellow fan at the game captured a few photos and shared them online.

The father held up his sign proud for the whole stadium to see, “Thomas, get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here. Love, Dad.” Adorned with a crying emojii for a little humor.

Do you think the father did the right thing, leaving Thomas at home? We can be sure that the son will never forget this night. Yes, being a kid can have it’s upsets, but being a parent is also hard. Making sure to always do what will help your child in the long run isn’t easy. What do you feel about the sign? Is it over the top? Or does it tell the story of… “I told you this is what would happen?”


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