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Cop Sees Woman Swerving Into His Car, Then Sees The Look In Her Eyes And KNOWS…


When are you on your best driving behavior? For many of us it’s when we spot a police car nearby. We make note of the speed we are driving and adjust accordingly. We become extra cautious and aware of our surroundings, and obey all traffic laws. It’s against our good citizen’s instinct to purposely drive recklessly or speed right in front of law enforcement.

One officer was witness to just such actions and it likely saved the life of a woman and her husband. The couple, who want to remain unidentified, were driving to pick up their granddaughter in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia when they became the victims of a carjacking. The incident happened when they were parked on the side of Campbellton Road.




A man entered the car while the couple was still inside. The man pointed a gun at the wife and instructed her to drive the car. He forced her to drive the car for almost an hour, all the while, a gun was pointed at her head. She was afraid but determined to think up a way to free herself and her husband from the man. The wife knew that every minute they were in the carjacker’s control, the more serious the danger could be. Things got more terrifying when the carjacker told them that he needed to “get more guns.”

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Hope for escape appeared as the wife spotted a police car out on patrol. Atlanta Police Captain Rick Mason could not have known the serious danger the driver of a car nearby was in. The wife desperately wanted to get the police officer’s attention. She decided to lower her driving speed and then swerve in front of the police car to get Officer Mason’s attention.

Mason first thought when he saw the car swerve was that driver of the car was texting while driving. Then, he looked into her eyes, that were locked on his eyes and saw her mouth the words, “Help me.” Once the wife knew she had alerted the officer that she was in danger, she stopped the car and her and her husband jumped out of the car and ran to the officer for safety.


Mason told Fox 5 what the carjacker did next: “A gun in his right hand, a panic look on his face, he ran around the back of his car, fumbled with the gun, jumps in the driver’s seat and hits the gas.” A short chase began and a mile down the road the car crashed head-on into another vehicle. The carjacker was identified as Jeremy Summers.

Summers was injured in the crash and is now being charged with kidnapping, robbery, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The couple was able to avoid any physical injuries during the carjacking because of the wife’s quick thinking. Now the husband calls his wife a hero. He knows that her clever way of getting the police’s attention freed them!


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