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Coca Cola’s Latest Ad Has Brother AND Sister Fighting Over Hunky Pool Boy!


Why does the push to be supportive, inclusive and non-bigoted towards the LGBT community have to always become ridiculous?

Here we have a young man, as well as his sister, almost beating themselves up to be the first to “hit on” the pool boy. Really?

They are acting like dogs in heat! This plays on stereotypes, not reality. That does not help the LGBT community.

Just watch:

‘It’s a human story where Coca-Cola plays a key role in the development of the drama,’ said Ali Brubaker, senior manager of global brand PR for the company

‘We are managing culturally relevant messages organically within our spots not as the main subject of the story but as sub-text.’

No. It is not a human story. It is not based in any reality.

Liberals are often the LGBT community’s worst enemy.

They press absurdities at pride festivals in big cities, revealing only the worst of the worst. Media shows mostly naked people simulating sex positions and wearing giant condoms. They show men in rainbow tutus and  vulgar simulated orgies.

The left has most recently abused the transgender community. For DECADES, men who truly lived as women have been using women’s restrooms without incident.

Then California passed a bill allowing any male into a girl’s bathroom in public places, specifically schools. All that was needed was for them to “feel” like they were a woman or a girl.

It raced across the nation. Big cities passing laws allowing men in women’s restrooms. The fight against it was accused of being bigoted.

Now real transgendered men are caught in the middle. They had no issue before. They were abused for the purpose of furthering an agenda by the left to make everyone accept what the left wants them to accept.

It is insanity. The LGBT community should rise up and say “ENOUGH!”



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