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CNN’s Tapper BLASTS Tillerson For Ditching The Press on Asia Trip!


It’s amazing how defensive and whiny the reporters at CNN, or as they’ve been called the “Clinton News Network,” have become now that they are no longer providing the up close and personal views of Hillary Clinton. Their reporters, like Jake Tapper are turning into little snowflakes like many of the liberals that supported Clinton for president. Maybe Tapper should concentrate more on the REAL news and just do his job – report the news, but that might require him to have more integrity and transparency. I’m not sure that is possible for him to do at CNN?


H/T Western Journalism:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s decision to ditch the traveling press on his upcoming trip to Asia is “unusual and insulting,” according to CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

Tillerson will be making his first trip to Asia as a member of President Donald Trump’s administration this week to meet with senior officials from Japan, South Korea and China.

On the agenda for the secretary of state is a discussion of U.S. economic and security interests with the leaders of the region. Adding to the urgency of the meetings are North Korea’s latest missile tests, which have Asia on edge.

Jake Tapper isn’t the only prominent member of the news media protesting Tillerson’s decision to leave the traveling press behind, but here were some of Tapper’s responses on Twitter:

Secretary of State Tillerson about to embark on first major trip to Asia in the midst of North Korean crisis. Not bringing any reporters.

Not bringing press on a trip like that is unusual & insulting to any American who is looking for anything but a state-run version of events

Of course, as you will see not everyone on Twitter shared Tapper’s same views:

H/T BizPac Review:

@jaketapper Maybe if the press had asked good Qs instead of bias, agenda driven, off topic questions, this wouldn’t be such an issue now.

@jaketapper – perhaps once journalists make it about the story instead of their own views they will be invited to participate once again.

@jaketapper taking reporters is fine but that would leave you out

@jaketapper Says the pundit who idolized Obama for 8 years.

@jaketapper all you’ve been reporting for 8 yrs is the ‘state-run version of events’! are you for real right now?

Frustration has been growing within many news organizations for their perceived lack of access to the secretary of state.

Washington, D.C., bureau chiefs from a number of major news organizations sent a letter to the State Department on Tuesday requesting Tillerson to consider allowing a small pool of reporters to accompany him on the trip.

“We were deeply concerned to hear that Secretary Tillerson plans to travel to Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo to hold key meetings about some of the most important foreign policy issues for the United States without any traveling press,” read the letter signed by a dozen news organizations, including The Associate Press, The New York Times, NPR, CNN, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

The Washington bureau chief for Fox News, Bryan Boughton, was also among those who signed the letter.

The next thing you know, Tapper will be asking for a “safe space” and Play Doh? CNN was so committed to Obama’s false narrative for the last 8 years, it’s not hard to understand why they would not be at the top of the list of respected REAL news organizations when it comes to President Trump. In fact, Trump has identified them on several occasions as the “fake news” and the “very fake news” organization.

Maybe if CNN had done their job in the past and just reported the actual news, instead of Obama’s narrative, things wouldn’t be so bad for them. You can’t really blame Trump for CNN’s past bias can you?  How about the time Tapper called Trump “UnAmerican”?

Well, if by “unAmerican” Tapper means closing our borders, reducing the size of government, cutting back on waste and reducing our budget’s deficit, strengthening our military, cutting back on regulations that our killing our economy, supporting businesses and creating jobs, and enforcing immigration laws….well, then count me in!

Again, maybe if Jake Tapper and CNN just reported the news instead of their bias nonsense, things would be entirely different. Hey Jake!…You’ve made your bed, now lie in it.




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