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Clinton Bashed Trump After Coming Out Of Hiding. Look How They Responded!


Ever since Hillary Clinton lost the election she’s been in relative hiding. She has only come out a few times to give speeches. Just after the election she was photographed walking her dogs in the woods, something that had become somewhat of a joke now. But at a recent event she promised to come out of hiding and is now taking to social media to bash the President. Some people just don’t know when to give up.

A man named Philippe Reines who worked for her campaign as a consultant tweeted out a comment that she responded to. In her response she subtly castigated the President, but when people saw it they were not too pleased with her. Look at their exchange below and the backlash she received as a result.

Clinton conceded shortly after voting took place because she knew she lost. She said in her speech that we owe President Trump the chance to lead and an open mind yet she is showing us she cannot even provide him that. She isn’t following her own advice.

Much like former Presidents and Vice Presidents, former candidates should keep their opinions to themselves about the administration they lost to. They lost, its time to move on. Do the graceful thing and slink quietly into the background like Vice President Biden did.

Nobody cares what her opinion is anymore, it isn’t germane to what is going on in our count right now. Her social media followers proved to her just that, when they fired back at her for her blatant hypocrisy. Something the Democratic Party has down pat. Perhaps if they learned from their mistakes they would not have lost all the elections that cost them the House of Representatives, the Senate, and ultimately the greatest of all, the White House.


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