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CHILLING DISCOVERY! His Wife VANISHES On Cruise- This Is All That Was Left Of Her


Things looked rather suspicious when a husband never reported his wife to be missing from the cruise ship while on holiday. The husband in question is Daniel Belling. He and his wife Li Yingleni and the couple’s two children (ages 4 and 6) set off on an 11-day Mediterranean cruise on Feb. 9. The family of four boarded the cruise together, but only three of them got off the ship.

Daniel probably thought he was in the clear until he tried getting on a flight back to Dublin with his two children. The 45-year-old German was stopped at Rome’s Ciampino Airport for questioning on Tuesday in connection with the disappearance of his wife, Li Yinglei.

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The crew of the cruise ship did a head count of passengers exiting the ship and realized that they were short one person, 36-year-old Li Yinglei, who also goes by the name “Angie”. It was ultimately determined that she was missing. Belling has not been charged with any crime at this time, but a judge ruled Friday that he must remain in jail until prosecutors make a decision. The Irish Independent reports that the family boarded the luxury Magnifica cruise ship on Feb. 9. in Civitavecchia, Italy. After a stop in Genoa, Italy the next day on Feb 10. records show the wife reboarded the ship. After that, there’s no record of Yingleni. There is also no record of her husband Belling alerting anyone that he was concerned about his wife’s disappearance.

Belling’s lawyer gives a weak reasoning for Yingleni’s disappearance and why his client was not alarmed when she was gone. Luigi Conti says “Li stayed aboard the ship at a stop in Greece and was gone when the rest of her family returned. Belling, he says, wasn’t alarmed because she has previously left family vacations.” Conti also added that Mr. Belling’s “behavior after disembarking was not that of a person who was trying to flee. He simply headed to Ciampino airport with his children to catch the flight that he had booked.”

We’re not buying this alibi Belling gives for not letting anyone know where his wife might be.  If he was truly concerned for her and her safety, he would have at least told someone. Also, what kind of mom leaves her children on vacation for no reason at all? The couple’s children are currently being cared for by Italian social services while their father remains in custody.


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