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After Child Went Out For Bus, Creepy Man Sneaks Into Home- Then Bus Driver Makes BOLD Move!


This school bus driver is a hero. Usually a job like his would involve uploading children to and from school, making sure that the students were always safe and using signals to alert cars to the crossing of students.

This bus driver, Timothy Henry, who is a driver for the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, has just learned that his job also can require much more that the earlier mentioned.

An incident that could unfairly cost him his job, took place when he decided to leave his bus to help another student during a terrifying and very creepy home instrusion.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

While picking up Yoselin Elorza’s niece, Henry was notified by the little girl that a strange man had been staring at her and then walked inside her family’s home. Elorza told KVVU-TV that she typically locks the door behind her niece, but on this particular morning, she forgot to go back and check the door, and that allowed the stranger to sneak in.

Henry made the conscious decision to park his bus in front of the home and head over to the apartment. As he approached the front door, a confused Elorza was standing in the walkway.

Elorza thought she and her two nephews were the only ones in the apartment, but Henry informed her that they were not alone. The two eventually found a stranger hiding underneath pillows on Elorza’s sofa.

At first, the intruder wouldn’t leave, pretending not to hear their demands to get out. Then, Henry screamed at the guy, and he fled the scene.

Immediately following the incident, CCSD wasn’t too happy about the way Henry handled the situation, especially since he left his bus unattended. They decided to do a full on investigation.

In a statement, the agency expressed how “…this incident will also provide the district with the opportunity to remind all of its bus drivers to always follow proper procedures and protocols during emergency situations.”


Henry argued that he did in fact follow all proper procedures when ensuring the safety of his students. In a text message to the new station, he also confirmed that

“I didn’t lose my job. They commended me for doing the job well done. End of story, and thank you for what you did.”

What a great guy, and a hero.


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