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Chelsea Clinton Defends Kellyanne Conway! Listen Here!


Despite the fact that Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign so called feminists attacked her every which way they can. She has even gotten into Twitter fights with the likes of Chelsea Clinton. But this time some liberal name calling went too far and even Chelsea Clinton defended Conway against the attacks.

Cedric Richmond is a Congressional Democrat and he is also head of the Black Caucus. However, that did not stop him from making crude jokes at the expense of Conway for the recent photo taken of her on the couch in the Oval Office where she has her feet up. But Chelsea Clinton chastised her fellow Democrat for his disgusting comments.

Richmond joked at the The Washington Press Club Foundation Congressional Dinner this Wednesday that she looked very comfortable and familiar in that position. Clinton went to Twitter to call out the Congressmen for his disgusting comments. She said the following,

Conway did not let Clinton’s olive branch go unnoticed. She responded with a kind tweet saying,

CNN has reported that a spokesman for Congressman Richmond has not responded whether he will apologize for his comments. Clinton and Conway have historically sparred over social media. Thus, it was a breath of fresh air to see them come together on an issue they have common ground with.

When videos were leaked of the President making derogatory comments about a female actress liberals went crazy. They also went nuts when a Celebrity Apprentice video appeared online where the President can be heard saying that a female contestant begging on her knees would be a pretty sight. Yet when one of their own makes crude jokes they are completely silent.

Apparently morality and ethics only matter when Republicans are supposed to be held responsible. Not Democrats.


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