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BREAKING: Obama’s Home State Just HUMILIATED Him- In Front Of The Entire Nation



Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois just gave him the biggest middle finger possible on a statewide level! I feel somewhat embarrassed for him, but I’m sure that will fade.

Liberals in his home state wanted to make his birthday a state holiday. Now why they want to celebrate his birthday, is clearly not going to be something we’ll ever understand. Somehow despite him totally throwing his state under the bus to die, rot, and live in ruins…even after death, they still love him like he was the hero they have been waiting for to come along.

Black magic? Very possible…

Anyhow, this measure was introduced by Chicago Democratic Rep. Sonya Harper, however it choked when it didn’t get the required votes to move to the Senate.

Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois just gave him a major snub, and it’s one that is sure going to hurt. Liberals wanted to turn his birthday into a state holiday, but the Illinois House couldn’t get the votes. Apparently, it was more than even the liberals in Illinois were willing to give.

The measure was introduced by Chicago Democratic Rep. Sonya Harper, but didn’t get the required votes to move to the Senate.

“President Barack Obama, he did great work for the state of Illinois and our country, and I believe we need to do our part in preserving that history,” Harper said.

*GAG* The woman is delirious!

Many of the lawmakers were actually willing to do something to honor Obama, but turning his birthday into a holiday wasn’t one of them. They did not feel something like that warranted closing schools and government offices down for a day in celebration.

Which is a little ironic because that is sort of what he did…ruined schools, and further corrupted government offices. In essence shutting them down…from reaching their potential or doing any good.

“The concept you are working on here, giving President Obama a day, I think is deserved. I think it’s appropriate, but I have a couple of questions about how we are doing it,” Rep. Steve Andersson said.

He also noted that Ronald Reagan, also an Illinois native, does not have his birthday honored as a state holiday. Anderson also said that he was concerned about giving state employees a paid day off for the “holiday” when there is an ongoing financial crisis.

Harper, however, disagreed that his birthday should simply be an honorary holiday, and said he should be formally recognized as the country’s first black president and his work as a community organizer in Chicago.

“Personally, to me, he helped me to get motivated, get up in my community and organize my community to be the change that we want to see, and we are seeing right now on the ground,” she said.

Obama could still get other honors in Illinois, though; measures are being considered to name a stretch of Interstate 55 the “Barack Obama Presidential Expressway”, and the Tri-State Tollway the “President Barack Obama Tollway”. But for her part, Harper isn’t giving up. She still may try to get another vote, if she can get more support.

When it comes to celebrating Obama, there is only one thing I want to celebrate, and that is simply that he is no longer in the White House ruining our country one signature and dark secret meeting at a time.

However, the celebration can’t be too long lasting even on that…because he doesn’t have to be in the White House to do damage.

You all know what I’m talking about…right?


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