BREAKING: Obama’s DOJ Gets BAD NEWS- Lynch Isn’t SAFE YET!

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The Department of Justice is being taken to court! Judicial Watch has filed what is called a Freedom of Information Act request that is set to seek for documents related to the visit between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac aboard Lynch’s private plane on June 28, 2016.

As you may already be aware of, this meeting took place only days before the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton during an investigation into her infamous private email server case.

If you remember, after news of this secret meeting leaked to the public, we all knew they were just talking about their grandchildren…and they were forced to publicly announce that she was going to distance herself from the Clinton investigation.

At that time the Justice Department did not respond to the FOIA request in the time that they were allotted to, which is what prompted Judicial Watch to sue.

The Justice Department did not respond to the FOIA request within the allotted period, Judicial Watch said, prompting the group to sue.

“The infamous tarmac meeting between President Clinton and AG Lynch is a vivid example of why many Americans believe the Obama administration’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton was rigged,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

“Now it will be up to Attorney General Sessions at the Trump Justice Department to finally shed some light on this subversion of justice,” he added.

The FOIA request filed by Judicial Watch seeks all records and transcripts of the meeting between Lynch and Bill Clinton; any communications to or from officials in the Office of the Attorney General and Office of Deputy Attorney General about the meeting; and any references to the meeting in any schedule-related documents maintained by the Office of the Attorney General.

Judicial Watch last year also requested that the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General investigate the meeting.

“Attorney General Lynch’s meeting with President Clinton creates the appearance of a violation of law, ethical standards and good judgment,” Judicial Watch said in its request.

“Attorney General Lynch’s decision to breach the well-defined ethical standards of the Department of Justice and the American legal profession is an outrageous abuse of the public’s trust. Her conduct and statements undermine confidence in her ability to objectively investigate and prosecute possible violations of law associated with President Clinton and Secretary Clinton,” the letter added.

“This incident undermines the public’s faith in the fair administration of justice. Simply stated, Attorney General Lynch’s … meeting with former President Clinton creates the broad public impression that ‘the fix is in,’” the watchdog group said.

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