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BREAKING: Federal Courts Makes Decision On Trump’s “NEW Travel Ban” – This Is HUGE!


We’ve got some bad news and some good news…

The good news is IT’S A GO! President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has the green light, even against all the new efforts to stop it….again.

The bad news is… well, there isn’t any, we just wanted to build up some drama.

You can breathe now.

Washington State, the state that started all the garbage in the first place went all the way to the federal judge who had previously issued the original restraining order on the old travel ban and made their plea to have that order pertain to this new ban.

Of course, New York jumped in with them to make that same request.

To their surprise…their liberal butts got a FAT “NO” from the judge.

Check this out…

From Biz Pac Review:

A U.S. federal court refused to apply the emergency restraining order from President Trump’s immigration executive order to his newly modified travel ban.

Seattle U.S. District Court Judge James Robart, who issued the temporary restraining order against Trump’s initial order last month, refused a request on Friday to apply that order to the revised policy according to Reuters.

Washington and New York were basically trying to apply the prior decision to the new ban.

The judge said you can’t do that, the new ban requires a more extensive filing.

The revised ban, which is expected to go into effect on March 16, has now removed Iraq from the list of countries with temporary bans on travel and no longer bans Syrian refugees indefinitely.

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said it was expected that states might challenge the ban but that she believed that it would “pass legal muster.”

Conway pointed to how Iraq got off the list as a way for the other countries to follow. She said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly worked with Iraq over the past month to help them increase their vetting, which got them off the list.

So it is likely will in fact go through some of the same steps that the old ban had to in the courts, BUT, because of the revisions that have been made it stand a much better chance, with far less to legally question.


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