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BREAKING: FBI Testifies On Trump WireTaps- But It’s TREY GOWDY’S Response That You Need To HEAR!


BOOM! Shakalaka-laka! FBI Director James Comey has just confirmed what we have known for months!

YES! The FBI was in fact investigating any and all Russian interference in the 2016 election and trying to find any collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

The Democratic ranking member on the House intel committee who is Adam Schiff, has accused the Trump campaign of having colluded with Russia, and has not been quiet about it in the least bit.

BUT…Trey Gowdy who is the Republican Rep has since SHOT DOWN that claim, noting that Schiff was NOT a fact witness, and that all the fact witnesses, who are the people that would actually know, have said there is NO…I repeat NO evidence of collusion.

Amen Gowdy!

FBI Director Comey also said that he had not found any sort of evidence as of yet that supports President Obama ordering any wiretapping on Trump Tower before the election.

Gowdy had something to say about that as well…and you want to hear this. Trust me!

“I would go ahead and tell you just assume that unless I am dead wrong, there is no evidence to support President Obama wiretapping President Trump,” Gowdy continued. “But the analysis does not end there.”

“You have the dissemination — the felonious dissemination of classified information that will jeopardize 320 million Americans, and I would love it if our friends in the mainstream media would focus on the leak as much as they did the wiretap tweet.”

Gowdy’s point was whether or not there were specific wiretaps ordered by Obama on Trump Tower before the election or other surveillance that picked up Trump or aides (two different questions, the first being the only question answered by Comey), that the dissemination of leaks was meant to harm and was illegal.

Folks, brace for impact, things are about to get really exciting….

Pray for President Trump and the good people in leadership of this country to triumph over all the crap the left is throwing at them. We need Deity in on this…


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