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BOOM! Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security Makes Comment On Trump – Liberals TRIGGERING!


You’d never expect the former member of the Obama Administration to say anything positive about President Trump, but he did and it’s catching everyone off guard. Jeh Johnson, the former Secretary of Homeland Security, said in an interview on Wednesday with MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he thought Trump had potential to become a “great” president.

“I actually believe that Donald Trump — and I told him this when I met with him in December — I actually think Donald Trump has the potential to be a great president in a sort of ‘Nixon goes to China’ way, ‘Reagan goes to the Soviet Union’ way,” said Johnson told the interviewer.

During the interview Johnson gave advice to Trump, laying out the steps the president would need to take to reach the status of “great,”

First: Trump would need to “find a way to rein in some of the more unhealthy impulses.” “I’m very concerned about the tweets,” Johnson added. Second: The president would have to “listen to his staff, bring on a full compliment of political appointees who will help him govern.”

Johnson said we all need to remember that Trump has only been in the White House for a short time. “We have to remember that this two months may seem like two years, but, two months is not a very very long time, and I hope that there is considerable on the job learning,” said Johnson. “Every president grows in office. Every president makes mistakes, learns lessons in office.”

Democrats have only focused on stopping the Trump administration from doing their job, but Johnson said that there are things even critics need to give President Trump time to fix. “For the success and the sake of the country, I think, we all have to hope that this president can do the things necessary to fix a lot of the problems we have,” Johnson said about working together.

One of the problems Johnson’s is referring to is national security. “I’m concerned that we are, when it comes to homeland security, fighting the last war,” Johnson said. “We may be responding to the terrorist attack of 10 years ago, as opposed to the next one.”

In his closing remarks, Johnson said what kind of terrorist we need to be watching out for, “Given where we are right now with the current threat environment, we need to focus on home-grown, home-born violent extremism.”


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