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BLASPHEMY! Liberal Media Just Did Something UNTHINKABLE With Chelsea Clinton


I don’t get it…what are they trying to do? Why is it that liberal media is trying so hard to make Chelsea Clinton… a thing? Ever since even the inauguration of President Trump, young Clinton has been really beefing it up with her social media accounts…especially Twitter, and making her stance known on current issues.

Since when does Chelsea Clinton’s social justice warrior opinion matter? What just happened?

All the sudden every tweet, is being pushed and shared by liberal media outlets…as if, it’s worth gold.

Then she goes and announces that she will be releasing a children’s book and all the sudden she’s a saint. Her book goes over 13 inspirational women in history…and the 13th one is not named apparently.

One guess who that is likely to be?

Just recently she received an achievement award from Variety… lifetime achievement award or something like that. How old is she? What exactly has she done for the world?

It all seems like such obvious positioning for a possible future political run.

But now, the Chelsea-love is getting so ridiculous, it’s bordering on the blasphemous.

Now, to me, it looks like their making her the Virgin Mary. At the very least, it’s Catholic saint imagery.

In the article itself, the people quoted express their reasons for loving Chelsea, not one of them lists any concrete thing that she’s ever actually done to deserve adulation.

Danielle Blake, 28, who is British, identified with her because she too was called ugly as a child.

Lauren Seltzer, 32, liked her because she thought Chelsea must have felt lonely as a child. “I got this sense of sadness for her in a lot of ways,” she said.

Others, like Neil Wren, a 24-year-old website administrator in Milwaukee, possessed a fandom born out of love for her mother: “First and foremost, I was a fan of Hillary, and the more I heard about Chelsea, the more I felt a connection to her as well. The thing I find enticing is that she represents women who are smart and cool. That’s the thing people don’t realize about the Clinton women.”

Was any of it based on listing concrete things she had done and not some emotionally driven feeling? Answer: no.

Nick Stevens listed Chelsea’s political qualifications like this: “Hillary is Queen, Bae, Beyoncé—you get it. Chelsea is the prodigy—2.0, if you will.”

The general public wasn’t buying Vice’s pitch.

This one…just about sums it all up for us.

Did you hear that mic drop?

Think I’ll call it a day, and exit stage right.


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