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Bernie Sanders Just Ranted AGAINST The AHA! Listen Here


Their is no liberal more progressive than the likes of Senator Bernie Sanders. As such, he has always been an ardent supporter of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Which is why it should come as no shock that he has vociferously denounced the new American Healthcare Act, the new GOP healthcare bill. He made no qualms about ranting against it recently.

Sanders of Vermont appeared on Face the Nation on CBS this Sunday where he talked about the plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Most notably, he referred to it as an absolutely disaster for working class Americans. He said,

“It is an absolute disaster. It is a disgrace. And by the way, this really has nothing to do with health care. What this has everything to do with is a massive shift of wealth from working people and middle-income people to the richest people in this country. It is a $275 billion tax break for the top 2 percent. Millionaires will get about $50,000 a year in tax breaks, while at the same time some 5 to 10 million people are going to lose their health insurance. Premiums are going to soar.”

After the interview he went to Twitter to attack the Republican Party even more.

The new healthcare bill would end the invidividual and employee mandates. The subsidies from the Obama administration would be replaced with tax credits that are refundable for those who are low and middle class Americans. Credits would range from $2,000 to $4,000 a year. As well, Medicaid would be capped by 2020 and turned into a per capital block grant system. It would assist in freeing up states to implement the programs they want to choose from.

However, it would maintain the pre existing conditions clause and fund Medicaid expansion for a few more years. It would also allow young adults to remain on their parents insurance until they reach 26 years old. Which are all notable aspects from the original Affordable Healthcare Act.

What Sanders fails to mention is that health care premiums and deductibles have drastically increased since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Between 2016 and 2017 their was an average of a twenty five percent increase in the benchmark. Medicaid enrollment has also skyrocketed. Which is where the majority of new health insurance carriers have applied through.

Prominent conservative Republicans have denounced the bill too. But for far different reasons, blaming it on being an Obamacare-lite plan that doesn’t come through on the promises they made on the campaign trail.


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